In the last Freshmen scene, we saw Jamie Eliot bottoming for Jim Durden. In this scene, the tables have turned and we get to see Jamie top Jim! The boys are so horny they can't make it down the hallway without stopping to passionately kiss and suck each other's hard throbbing boners. After they're done sucking one another's uncut cocks, the boys somehow make it into the shower room where Jamie sets about rimming Jim's ass.

They get into the shower, switch the hot water on, and Jim then sits on Jamie's bareback cock and rides it balls deep under the running water. After the wet ride, the boys move into the bedroom and Jim lays on his back to take a hard pounding form Jamie. It all leads to a hot pile-driver position which has Jim shooting his load over himself before Jamie pulls out and blasts his load over Jim too.

Dick Detective's thoughts: An excellent follow-up to their previous scene, and it was just as hot to see Jamie top!