Models: Jamie Ray, Dustin Cook

Studio: 8teenBoy

Themes: Bareback, Twinks, Flip-Flop

We find blond boy Jamie and dark-haired Dustin already kissing in the bedroom at the start of the scene. The boys get naked as they make out, and Jamie is soon on his knees sucking on Dustin's dick. A short while later it's Dustin who is on his knees as he gives Jamie's stiff boner a blowjob in return. Blond boy Jamie then gets onto all fours on the bed and Dustin gives the twink's ass a damn good rimming.

Dustin follows up by sticking his bare dick into Jamie's butt and fucking it deep. Once he's done banging the blond boy, Dustin then mounts Jamie and impales himself on Jamie's raw cock. Dustin rides that dick balls deep for a while before they once again. Now Jamie is on his back as Dustin fucks his tight teen hole. Jamie cums as he's getting pounded, and then gets a face and mouth full of cum as Dustin blows all over him. It all ends with a big sloppy cum-coated kiss for the boys!

Best moment: Dustin fucking Jamie on his back.

Dick Detective's score: 4/5

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