Lean blond jock is all set to open his new gym, but sexy fire inspector has put a spanner in the works. Ty tries his best to convince Jake to give the gym a pass, but there's only one thing that will end up satisfying this inspector…. Ty's sweet ass!

In no time, Ty is on his knees in front of the inspector, and with Jake's big dick now right in his face Ty quickly gets to work sucking and slurping on every inch of that chunky shaft. With Ty's own boner now raging and aching for attention, Jake returns the favor and blows the blond jock as he leans back against his gym equipment.

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That same piece of equipment comes in handy again as Ty bends over it while Jake slides his dick into the jock's tight hole and fucks him hard from behind. Ty takes a deep pounding all over his new gym and equipment, getting his hole slammed over an dover by the sexy inspector until they're both ready to blow their loads. That's one way to pass a fire inspection!

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