Jacques LaVere and his 9-inch cock are back on College Dudes and he’s raw fucking another cute guy named Trent. (If you missed the first one, I blogged about his first here here at Dylan’s Daily Dose when he fucked the living daylights out of super cute, power bottom Alex Jordan.) When this new scene opens, the guys are sitting on their bed in their underwear, necking, and groping each other’s crotches. Trent’s got an impressive bulge, too, and when they pull out their dicks, Jacques goes down on his buddy.

Jacques not a great cocksucker, he hasn’t mastered the deep-throat technique, and while Trent’s dick is a good inch or more shorter, Jacques can still only manage to swallow half of it. Trent is a much better cocksucker and buries Jacques dick deep down his throat. Jacques 9-inch bone is barely a challenge for this hungry butt boy.

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