Muscly hunk tops sexy jock in their new duo scene “A Place Of Yes” from MEN.

In this scene, Paul plays a guy who always says no to everything. But just for this one day, he vows to say yes to everything, no matter what. So by the end of the day when beefy hunk Jacob greets Paul outside his apartment asking if he can come in and use his phone, he says yes! But it's not the phone Jacob really wants to use, and as he slides his hand over Paul's crotch, the jocks no choice but to say yes.


Soon they're both in the bedroom totally naked and sucking on each other's big throbbing cocks. Jacob deep-throats Paul's lengthy boner, and Paul swallows Jacob's stiff meat in return. Paul then gets bent over backwards so Jacob can eat out his sweet ass, and the hunk then rams his dick deep into that tight butt hole. Jacob pile-drive fucks Paul, filling him full of dick from above, and then lays back to let Paul ride him and get his as filled with dick from below.

The horny jock, who would have ordinarily said no, soon finds himself getting a massive load fucked out of him thanks to Jacob's big uncut cock, so no doubt Paul will continue to say yes in the future!


Watch the trailer below:

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