It's almost summer and likes to take full advantage of the hot weather to do lots of outdoor filming. So the Helix Mansion is packed with guys scheduled to film scenes. But it's not work either. is having some downtime and catching some sun by the pool. is lying in a lounge chair beside him. But downtime doesn't mean these guys aren't fooling around either. They're young 20-somethings, they're always horny.

Sage comes outside, climbs on top of Jacob in the lounge chair, and says, “Hi.” He plants a kiss on Jacob, then slides down and starts giving him head. After a couple of minutes, Kody is disturbed by Sage's gulping and slobbering, so he turns around and sees what's going on. “Get a room, guys!” And with that, Sage and Jacob head off into the change room.

Sage hasn't had the pleasure of receiving one of Jacob's fucks. He's a great top with a long dick and he really knows how to take care of a bottom's hole. He's not one of those one-speed fuckers who jams and wails away. As Sage finds out, Jacob has a whole bad of tricks and gives him one pleasurable fuck. He even holds Sage's leg while fucking him doggy style and makes the bottom balance on one foot. And Sage is grateful, so when he senses Jacob needs to blow his wad, the bottom his mouth and Jacob's fills it up.