Models: Jackson Traynor, Liam Wood, Kaleb Stryker

Studio: Men

Themes: Threesome, Big Dicks, Condom

Jackson and Liam can't keep their hands and lips off each other in the club, so they sneak into the bathroom for a quickie. But the horny pair quickly realize that Jackson's huge cock might be more than Liam can handle. Meanwhile as they they fumble about in the toilet cubicle, curly-haired Kaleb (that's Kaleb from Sean Cody who's now a new Men exclusive) overhears them and peeks over to have a look. He decides to help Liam out and teach him how to take a big dick, so joins the pair and gets to work deep-throating Jackson's big dick.

After watching Kaleb, Liam has a try and soon gets the hang of it. The horned-up trio then get down to some anal action as Kaleb gets his ass rimmed before Jackson rams his big boner into Liam's ass and pounds him. Kaleb takes a pounding from that big dick too, then Liam gets to return the favor and shove his dick into Jackson. Kaleb comes up behind Liam and slides his dick into him, making a threeway fuck-train with Liam in the middle. The jizz soon starts to fly, with Liam's facing taking the brunt of Jackson and Kaleb's loads.

Dick Detective's verdict: Excellent. I've always loved Kaleb from Sean Cody, and it's great seeing him continue his porn career here with Men.

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