Models: Jack HunterJay Tee

Studio: Yes Father

Themes: Bareback, Breeding/Cum In Ass

Young priest is paid a visit in his confessional booth by troubled Catholic boy . It turns out Jay has been masturbating whilst thinking about boys, and as he unburdens himself, Jack gropes and stroke his own growing boner. The priest tells Jay that the best way to get rid of his horny thoughts is to indulge in them, and proceeds to poke his thick hard cock through the opening in the booth. Jay touches the big throbbing shaft, then wraps his mouth around it. The boy sucks and slurps on every inch of the chunky boner until Father Jack joins him in the same section of the booth.

Jay leans against the wall as Father Jack slides his big bare bone deep into the boy's tight willing hole. After a good long pounding from behind, Jack lays Jay on his back and continues to penetrate the boy with deep thrusts. It soon proves too much for the horny priest, and he cums inside of Jay, breeding his well-fucked ass. Father Jack's cum oozes out of Jay's hole, and he tells the boy that he can now put his sins out of his mind.

Dick Detective's verdict: Great! Jack's huge cock looks hot inside of Jay's mouth and hairless hole.

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