Big-dicked jock Jack Harrer is horny and looking around the Freshmen house for someone to help him out. He knocks on Kevin Warhol's bedroom door, but it's Yannis Paluan who answers, wearing only a pair of jeans. As Jack leads Yannis into the lounge, it's clear he's a little jealous of whatever Yannis and Kevin were doing, but Yannis is more than happy to play with Jack too!

Jack opens up Yannis' jeans to reveal his hard uncut cock. He frees his own big throbbing boner and rubs both of their dicks together before going down on Yannis. The horny jock gives Yannis' chunky dick a through working over, then lays the boy on his back to continue blowing his stiff rod. Jack moves lower and licks Yannis' taint down to his eager hole.

Yannis' pink pucker gets a good rimming before Jack squeezes his big bare boner deep inside of it. Yannis takes a very deep and fast drilling from behind as Jack pounds him doggy style. We then see Yannis ride Jack's bareback dick before Jack sits on Yannis' face to get his own taint licked. It's then back to the anal action as Jack slams Yannis missionary until they both cum – and it's a massive thick load that spurts from Jack's big chunky boner!

Dick Detective's thoughts: I absolutely love the moment where Jack licks from the tip of Yannis' cock right down the shaft, down his balls, down his taint, and down to his pink hole. Fucking-hot!The close-ups of the rimming are very horny too. As are any close-up of Jack's big raw boner inside of Yannis' hole. Can you tell I liked this one?!

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