Models: Ian Oakley, Hayden Brier,


Themes: Bareback, Threesome

arrives at Ian Oakley's house and they quickly head into the bedroom to avoid Ian's stepbrother. In the bedroom the boys make-out before Ian gets to work sucking Landon's teen cock. Suddenly Ian's stepbrother sport them through the patio door and enters the room. Hayden quickly whips out his dick and declares he wants to join in, leading to Ian and Landon both sucking his dick at the same time. We then see Ian get bent over backwards so Landon can suck Ian's cock while Hayden eats out Ian's ass.

Hayden then shoves his raw dick into Ian and pounds him in front of his buddy. Landon sticks his dick into Ian's mouth while the bottom boy takes a drilling off his stepbrother. Hayden and Landon swap places so Landon can shove his bare boner into Ian's ass and pound it too. Ian gets spit-roasted as he sucks on Hayden's dick while being banged by Landon. Ian then sits on Hayden's dick and rides it until Hayden pulls out and cums all over his taint and ass.

Dick Detective's verdict: Good. The simultaneous sucking/rimming Ian receives is very hot indeed.

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