In the house, blond is more affectionately known as “Have a go on Danny”, because literally everyone has had a go on his ass! Well, except for Kieran that is….. Until now!

Kieran and Danny actually met in a previous group scene, and they had the shots for each other, but Kieran didn't get the chance to “have a go on Danny” on that occasion. So, the pair decided to meet up just the two of them, and filmed the action for us all to see!

The horny boys start off by kissing on the sofa, then Danny sucks Kieran's big pierced cock. Danny’s got a piercing on his tongue and Kieran has one on the end of his dick, making it super sensitive when the to metals touch, and you can see Kieran's body tighten. After a good rimming, Kieran slides his bareback cock into Danny's ass and slams him good and hard. They pound all over the bed and in countless positions.

You can see that Danny loves Kieran's cock, and Kieran loves his ass, so it's not long before they both cum all over Danny's smooth twink body.