Models: George aka Hung Young Brit

Studio: Hung Young Brit

Themes: Bareback, British, Creampie/Cum In Ass

George has found himself a sexy straight chav lad online and convinced him to film for cash! The straight boy seems up for doing anything as long as he's being paid. It all starts off with George and the boy making-out in the bedroom, then George frees the boy's hard uncut cock and gets to work sucking on it. The straight boy frees George's big uncut cock and blows him in return, then bends George's legs back and shoves his bare dick into George's butt-hole. The boy pumps away hard and fast, pounding George on his back. He then stops for a while to continue blowing George's boner, but it soon proves too much for George who ends up blowing his load into the boy's mouth.

George holds the boy's head down onto his dick as he blows his load without warning and nuts into his mouth. After that, the boy turns George over and pounds his ass once again. George came inside of him, so now he gets to return the favor and cum inside of George! The boy pumps away until he's ready to blow, then pulls out and creampies George's hole before quickly shoving his dick back in to breed him. A short while after, the boy takes a good look at George's cum-coated hole and remarks on how hot it looks covered in his jizz.

Dick Detective's verdict: Great! The boy is very sexy and I loved watching him cum in George's hole.

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