Hung jock Dalton Briggs hooks up with hot muscly stud Aspen in “A Tale of Two Hookers” part 3.

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After bonding for some time, it seems Dalton and Aspen are getting a lot closer. So even though he's a little taken unawares, it's perhaps no real surprise to Aspen then that Dalton moved in for a kiss during their playful pillow fight. It then becomes very clear that Dalton wants more than just a kiss, and Aspen is happy to oblige….

Pretty soon Dalton is sucking on Aspen's stiff dick, and then offering his own huge boner for the muscly stud to suck in return. It's a mouthful, but the hairy hunk does a great job of blowing that big uncut boner. Dalton loves having Aspen's lips around his cock, but what he wants more is the stud's ass wrapped around it! Aspen is happy to oblige once again and offers up his tight hole to the hung jock. Dalton slides every inch of his big dick deep inside, then proceeds to fuck that ass good and hard. Aspen takes it in several positions as Dalton drills him deeper and deeper, and the young jock builds up quite the sweat doing so too, right up to the moment he unloads all over Aspen's sexy body!

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