Models: Hoyt Kogan,

Studio: Freshmen

Themes: Bareback, European, Creampie/Cum On Ass

model is in front of the camera at the start of this scene, and he's telling us about the newbie, Baptiste Emry, who he is about to introduce. Apparently, new boy Baptiste looks a lot like Hoyt, and when he's finally introduced we can see the definite resemblance! These two could easily pass as brothers.

The two boys begin passionately kissing and undressing, revealing their hard uncut cocks. Newbie Baptiste has a lovely big and thick uncut cock which Hoyt wastes no time sucking and licking. New boy Baptiste then gets his turn to suck on Hoyt's equally thick and lengthy uncut cock. After the oral, he lays on his back and lets Hoyt eat out his tight pink hole.

Hoyt slides his big bare boner into the newbie's tight hole and begins penetrating him nice and deep from behind. After a good pounding, Hoyt pulls out and creampies Baptiste's ass. The new boy then lays in Hoyt's arms as he jerks off and shoots his own load too. Baptiste is left coated in cum and very happy!

Dick Detective's verdict: Wow – it's amazing just how much these two look alike! I'm not convinced they aren't brothers in real-life. They both have the same cute and adorable smile, though it's a little more adorable on the younger Baptiste, especially at the end!

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