Muscly jock Howard returns to Sean Cody for his duo debut with sexy stud Sean in this cum-filled bareback scene.


Howard first appeared at the end of August in a solo scene, and his curiosity for guys led him right back to the studio for his first ever duo scene. As one of the sexiest regular studs on the site, he couldn't have got a better partner than Sean either! And Sean knew exactly what to say to put the newbie at ease too; “You’re gonna put your dick inside of my butt, I’m gonna like it, you’re gonna like it, and we’re just gonna have a grand ol’ fucking time!”

There was certainly no time wasted getting to the good stuff for this horny pair either, as once they're in the studio Sean immediately pulls down his shorts and tells Howard he wants him too fuck him. Howard doesn't hesitate to ram his raw cock into Sean's beautiful butt and pound away! The newbie fucks that ass good and hard in several positions on the sofa, and it's not long before the cum starts to fly.

For the second part of the scene, the guys have moved into the bedroom, and here we get to see some oral action as they take turns to suck one another's big throbbing cocks. Howard really seems to enjoy having his mouth filled full of Sean's big boner, that's for sure! It's then back onto the anal action and Howard once again tops and hammers his bareback dick into Sean's ass. There's some great positions and camera angles once again, and these horny studs certainly had a horny time fucking together as they cum three times each in total!

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