Staxus put out a lot of hot scenes last week, I'm having trouble keeping up. This latest features another of my faves, . This blond Austrian is another hot bottom who I love watching. Staxus has just brought a new Russian guy on board, and I'm having trouble deciding who is the better bottom – Yuri or Lucius? They're both so enjoyable to watch. I guess it's a good thing I don't have to decide.

has returned to his dorm room from class and he's still wearing his school uniform. Lucius is lying on the bottom bunk watching some dirty movies on his cell phone and his hand is under the covers playing with his dick. Kurt pretends not to notice and strips down to his underwear. Then pushing his crotch near Lucius' face, he pretends to look for something in his book bag on the top bunk. Lucius doesn't need an invitation, he rubs his face in Kurt's bulge.

I had forgotten how long and thick Kurt's dick is. But it's not really much of a challenge for Lucius, this lads has shown us before that he can bury a huge cock down his throat. Kurt holds onto the bunk rails and enjoys Lucius' mouth, then he joins Lucius on the bottom bunk and inches his monster dick inside Lucius hole. And immediately starts pumping fast.

Lucius takes over and sits on Kurt's meaty bone and rides it so hard the bed squeaks. But it really does give us the best view of Kurt's dick stretching his hole. They spoon with Kurt screwing Lucius with quick strokes while they kiss. Finally Kurt unloads all over himself while Kurt keeps fucking him, then he pulls out and creams Lucius nuts with an explosion of white hot jizz. And the lads kiss for a while longer.