Mitch Hudson, Stefan Nash & Max Carter – Hot Shots

After a long break from Helix Studios, it seems Max Carter is back with a vengeance! His recent return saw him in a Real Cam scene with his BF Kyle Ross, then an extremely HOT threeway/DP scene, and now another threeway with Mitch Hudson and Stefan Nash. But you really can't have enough Max Carter, so no complaints here! 😉

These three blonde “hot shots” begin the scene being photographed in various positions solo before all three come together, and that's where the real fun begins! Lips are soon kissing, hands are soon touching and caressing, and it's not long at all before the skimpy underwear is off and those three rock-hard dicks are out.

Stefan gets the pleasure of having Max and Mitch both licking and sucking on his cock at the same time (ultimate fantasy!!) before they all swap around and Max and Stefan do the same to Mitch's thick, throbbing dick.

The action ramps up even more once we move to the bed, starting with Stefan being sandwiched by Mitch's fuckpole in his ass and Max's  big tool stuffing his throat. Max then sits on Mitch and rides his thick shaft, before Stefan lays Max on his back and slides his cock deep inside him. We're then treated to the HOTTEST part of the scene – Mitch fucking Stefan whilst Stefan fucks Max – all three laying on the bed with their dicks and asses pumping away to a very cum-filled ending!

This is not one to be missed!

  • Dylan

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