This week's newest duo scene on is called “Dirty Blondes”, and so of course features two dirty blonde twinks – and Lucas Grande.

It's pretty much guaranteed with Helix videos that you get beautiful twinks, nice sets, great production and hot hot hot sex, and this scene is definitely no exception! Lukas and Stefan have a very hot chemistry together that's clearly obvious throughout the video, from the kissing, groping, and cock-sucking to the ass-pounding fucking. Lukas' big dick looks great as it slides between Stefan's lips, and he does a great job of sucking every inch. Stefan also looks insanely hot sat on top of Lukas' cock as he pounds him hard and fast from below. I love hearing his ass slap against Lukas' body every time it reaches the base of his throbbing boner. Lukas may be relatively new to helix, but he's fast becoming one of my favorite fuckers. He really knows how to thrust, pump and slam every inch of his big dick into a tight twink hole.

Check out the pics below, and feel free to comment in the comments section below the pics too!

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