Alex Vaara is back at Helix Studios after a year off, and he's very lucky to be paired up with the stunningly sexy Dustin Gold! Oh Dustin Gold with your gorgeous face, smooth toned body and huge dick….. how I'd totally bend over for you! (Sorry, typed what I was daydreaming there!) Anyway, Dustin is looking particularly hot in this scene, and Alex is still looking very fuck-able too!

I love watching Alex get to grips with Dustin's big boner, and particularly sliding his lips up and down that long hard shaft. He knows how to suck cock! But best of all is when he bends over for Dustin and takes that throbbing dick deep inside his tight ass! Dustin fucks him nice and hard doggy style, thrusting every inch into Alex from behind. Lucky! They fuck in a couple of positions and it's really hot seeing Alex on his back with Dustin's dick pumping in and out of his smooth hole. It's even hotter still seeing Alex get covered in two loads of cum! Lucky, lucky, lucky!! (not jealous, honest!)

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