Models: Hayden Lee, Aiden Garcia, Andy Taylor, Ashton Summers

Studio: Helix Studios

Themes: Bareback, Double Penetration, Breeding

It's the holidays and I'm taking the day off, so here's a throwback to one of my favorite ever scenes from the past few years! – Dick Detective

WOW! This scene is one of the best I have ever seen. Ever.

It all begins with Hayden in the tub as Aiden, Andy, and Ashton enjoy a night at the club. But the three boys soon come home and join Hayden in the tub. Lots of cock sucking and ass eating follows, then we later find all four of the boys in the bedroom. There, Andy, Aiden, and Hayden line up in a row on the edge of the bed. We then see Ashton take turns sliding his big raw cock in and out of the three boys. He pounds their holes one by one, going up and down the line. Aiden later joins in the anal action too so he and Ashton take turns pumping their bare dicks in and out of Andy and Hayden.

Moving onto the bed, We see Aiden sit on both Ashton and Andy's dicks at the same time. After a good ride on those two dicks, the double-penetration continues but with Andy now as the bottom. He gets double-dicked by Ashton and Aiden as he lays back and takes both their bare boners up him. Finally, it's Hayden's turn to get DP'd. He sits on Aiden's dick first, then Ashton squeezes his big boner in too. They double-fuck his hole until Aiden gets close to blowing. Aiden nuts inside Hayden and breeds him, then we see his jizz ooze out. Ashton gets close and shoves his dick inside Hayden's hole to fill him up with a second load. After he pulls out we see the big mix of those two loads ooze out of Hayden's hole. As if that wasn't hot enough, Andy then shoves his dick inside. “Fuck that cum into me” Hayden moans as Andy pumps away with Ashton and Aiden's cum coating his cock. Andy then unloads too, giving Hayden his third breeding. Andy pulls out and an enormous flow of jizz pours out of the twink's well-fucked hole. It just keeps cumming and cumming even as Andy slides his dick back in again.

Dick Detective's verdict: The best scene I've ever seen, period! Partner swapping, double penetration, triple breeding, cum oozing out. Absolutely 10/10.

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