Models: Hayden Brier, Julian Bell

Studio: Next Door Twink

Themes: Bareback, Creampie/Cum In Ass

Blond twink Julian tells his buddy Hayden that he's thinking of applying to massage school. When Hayden hears this, he immediately takes off all of his clothes and tells Julian he wants a massage. Julian is shocked to see Hayden completely naked, but soon prepares himself and grabs some lotion from the bedside drawer. He climbs on top of Hayden and begins rubbing his hands all over the boy's back and ass, paying particular attention to Hayden's butt cheeks. Hayden lifts up one of his legs, revealing his hard cock, which takes Julian by surprise. “You can work a little lower if you feel comfortable” says Hayden, leading to Julian asking Hayden to over.

Hayden's throbbing boner is now right in front of Julian who asks, “Do you need a hand?” as he takes that hard shaft in his hand. “Yeah,” replies Hayden, “and maybe a mouth.” Julian gets the message and goes down on Hayden's dick, sucking and swallowing the full length of it. After blowing that thick boner, Julian moves up to passionately kiss Hayden. The making-out leads to Hayden pulling Julian's boner out of his pants and he eagerly blows it in return. He then flips Julian over and hungrily eats out the blond boy's hairless hole, making Julian moan out loud in pure pleasure.

After getting it good and wet, Hayden teases Julian's hole with his cock before sliding it in deep and raw. He pumps away and drills Julian from behind, then slams that ass hard and fast. After a deep pounding from behind, Julian sits on Hayden's bare bone and rides it for a while. We then see the boys get into the missionary position and Hayden pounds the cum out of Julian before pulling out to creampie his well-fucked hole. His hot seed blasts out all over Julian's ass, then we see Hayden push his dick and kiss back inside before he leans in to share a final kiss with Julian.

Dick Detective's verdict: Excellent! A sizzling scene from two very sexy boys, and a very hot finish!

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