I've just seen this new solo video from Hard Brit Lads which has brand new model as the star, and fuck me he is FIT! He's got a stunning chav-lad look about him and when you look in his eyes you can almost hear him thinking “I'm gonna fuck you so hard…”. Well, that might just be me dreaming ‘cos I would seriously bend over for this hard Brit lad and let him fuck the cum out of me!

Jake's a good tease, touching and groping himself in his shiny nylon shorts before he pulls them off to show us his nice smooth body. He's got fucking gorgeous dick too – pretty big and nicely thick all round. He definitely knows how to play with it aswell, slowly sliding his hand up and down every inch of it. Once he puts lube on it looks fucking amazing, all wet and shiny while he wanks off. I'd love to get my hand around this lad's lubed up cock that's for sure!

Can't wait to see more from this stunning lad, and hopefully in a duo scene too!

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