Lucky stud Griffin Barrows gets a spit-roasting from Roman Todd and Jimmy Durano in “Heartbreakers” part 1 from MEN.

Jimmy is in the business of breaking hearts. He sees a couple in a toxic relationship, and then goes about breaking them up. He considers it a favor! So when feuding couple Griffin and Roman are set in his sights, Jimmy gets to work and seduces Roman on his own. Roman doesn't take much seducing and is soon on his knees sucking Jimmy's big stiff uncut cock. Jimmy secretly films the action on his phone and sends it to Griffin who angrily heads off to meet them.

When Griffin walks in, he's still pissed, but ready to show Roman that he can play that game too and instantly makes out with Jimmy. Soon it's sizzling threeway with all of the horny studs totally naked and sucking on each other's throbbing dicks. Griffin then becomes the centre of attention as Roman and Jimmy spit-roast him, taking turn to feed him their dicks as the other one fucks his tight ass deep and hard. Once Roman and Jimmy are done fucking his butt and fucking his mouth, they unload all over Griffin and leave him dripping in their hot jizz!

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