had been living with roommate for the past year, and while they were fond of each other, the two had a strictly platonic relationship. That is, until Grant walked in on Chris late one night, masturbating on the couch. Grant had seen it before, but this time it seemed different, he felt inclined to do something….

He slowly walked towards Chris, and before Chris had the chance to react, Grant cupped Chris's face and gently kissed his lips. Grant then moved down to Chris's body, working his way towards his crotch. Grant opened his mouth, and before Chris could comprehend what was happening, Grant's tongue was swirling around his throbbing member.

Chris let out a moan of pleasure, and Grant smiled before standing up and straddling Chris's body. The two roomies proceeded to engage in a passionate and intimate 69 session until Chris flipped their positions, getting on all fours and pushing his ass up in the air, a silent invitation which Grant eagerly accepted.

Grant went on to passionately pound his roommate, slamming Chris' hole with every inch of his bareback dick. As the horny pair shifted into different positions, Grant punctuating his thrusts with a slap and a groan as he felt his orgasm building. Suddenly, Grant pulled out and intensely ejaculated all over Chris’s stomach and chest. The two then lay in post-orgasmic bliss, their bodies intertwined in a sweaty tangle of limbs.