Models: Garrett Graves, Luke Wilder

Studio: Spank This

Themes: Spanking, Fetish, Jocks

In this story Luke and Garrett play boyfriends. Older jock Luke comes home and asks how younger jock Garrett's day was. He Garrett a massage, and pays extra special attention to his ass. Luke fully reveals Garrett's beautiful pert butt, and can't resist giving it a light spank. Garret looks back and gives his boyfriend a cheeky smile. That encourages Luke to slap it again, and slightly harder. Seeing how his boyfriend gets off on it, Luke continues to spank that ass over and over, getting harder each time and making Garrett's butt cheeks redder and redder. Garrett moans in pain and pleasure throughout the spanking, loving knowing that Luke is getting off on it too.

Best moment: Garrett's first reaction to the spanking.

Dick Detective's score: 4/5

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