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Abel Lacourt and Lambert are in the locker room together and can't resist groping one another's bulging briefs. Suddenly Jonathan Garnier walks in and sees them, and he likes what he sees! Abel and Gabriel pull out their big boners and stroke their dicks as Jonathan watches next to them. Abel then gets his lips around Gabriel's cock and sucks him off as Jonathan watches. Gabriel proceeds to sit down on Abel's big dick and ride it balls deep, getting fucked from below. As he does, Abel invites Jonathan to join in!

Jonathan feeds his hard cock to Abel as Abel continues to fuck Gabriel. Jonathan then gets a desire to bottom, so he gets on all fours and lets Gabriel fuck him. He sucks on Abel's big cock as he's pounded from behind by Gabriel. Jonathan then spins around so that Abel can have a turn at fucking his used hole. He gets spit-roasted once again on the bench by the two sexy boys until they're all ready to blow their loads. Jonathan explodes all over himself, and Abel and Gabriel both squirt their hot cum all over Jonathan's pretty face!

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