Horny teens  and  get it on again in this new duo from French Twinks.

Uncut twinks Ryan Marchal and Jonathan Garnier are very familiar with one another. They actually paired up in the last scene from French Twinks too! But this time around, it's Ryan who's on top and Jonathan who's the bottom. This time around the boys are in the bedroom, and Jonathan wakes up horny for action. H pulls down Ryan's undies and wraps his lisp around the twink's cock, waking him up with a blowjob. The boys then share a passionate kiss before they get into a 69 position and suck on each other's dicks at the same time.

Jonathan then gets onto all fours on the bed with his ass in the air. Ryan come sup behind and slides his chunky cock all the way into Jonathan's tight back-passage. He fuck that ass hard, pulling on Jonathan's hair as he pounds him. The boys then change position so Jonathan is on his back. Once again, Ryan pounds the bottom boy's hole, pumping him full of cock until they're ready to blow and Jonathan is left coated in cum!

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