It's a frat-boy four-way fuck-fest in this sizzling new group sex scene for Dick Dorm by Reality Dudes.

In the dorm, two of the frat boys are playing beer pong, while the other four frat-boys have some other fun in mind….. Fucking each other's brains out! While the other two boys continue to play beer pong in the background, the four horny jocks get started by pulling down their shorts and revealing their raging boners. Some hot group oral action then follows as they suck those throbbing dicks, and then it's swiftly onto the anal action as the two bottom boys get their tight asses filled full of cock!

The two tops take turns on the two bottom boys, switching and swapping between them as they slide their big dicks into their tight holes and fuck them deep and hard. Both bottom boys take a damn good pounding from each of the tops in several positions, but for the finish only one of them gets the honor of getting their cum all over his face in a sizzling bukkake! You'll just have to watch the full scene to find out which bottom boy gets those hot loads…..

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