Will Sims is one of my faves over at Staxus. He’s a cute, Slovak guy – dark skinned and a brunette – and he’s sporting a slim body and long, lanky legs with a big pair of feet. When this scene opens, Aussie lad Jaxon Radoc is lying across a fluffy day bed and Will comes in with a bottle of champagne. Will is wearing a sexy pair of tuxedo underwear complete with a little black bow tie.

Jaxon has a great cock, it’s big, pink, and curves like a banana when it’s hard. On the other hand, Will’s dick doesn’t have much shape, it’s just fat. His foreskin is dark brown and I get so horny watching Jaxon sliding Will’s hood up and down his meat. Will is also one of those guys whose cock doesn’t stay hard unless his partner isn’t directly stimulating it. So when he climbs on top of Jaxon for some 69 rimming, his dick goes flaccid and hangs heavily between his furry legs. I don’t mind because I really get off looking at soft uncut cocks and the close-up tongue in ass shots are very hot.

But when Will sits on Jaxon’s huge dick, his own meat gets fat again and flops around wildly – reverse cowboy, I love that position. When his ass needs a break, Will bends Jaxon over the bed and stuffs his oversized cock inside the Aussie’s pink hole. The guys spoon fuck with Jaxon topping, then when he wants to spunk, he lies back and Will stuffs his ass again. And Will certainly does fuck the cum out of Jaxon. The Aussie’s chest and belly are drenched with great gobs of jizz. Will pulls out and beats off and he doesn’t cum nearly as much as Jaxon, but I love watching is thick, loose foreskin sliding over his bright pink cock head.