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Fane Roberts gets  big surprise when JJ Knight stands in front of him and unzips his pants. That huge monster cock of JJ's flops out before Fane's face, and he can't resist diving onto it! Fane sucks and slurps on that huge cock, licking and sucking as much of it as he can. In return, JJ strips Fane completely naked and bends him over the desk. JJ then proceeds to rim the studs sexy ass, wedging his tongue deep between those butt cheeks.

With Fane still bent over the desk, JJ then slides his lengthy thick cock into the stud's hole. He fucks Fane from behind, drilling him deeper and deeper. JJ then flips the stud over onto his back and once again pumps his ass full of cock. Fane gets a deep internal massage from that huge boner, and it soon has him blowing his load all over himself!

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