This hot fan-fic “Tom Daley: After the Olympics” is a story about young British diver Tom Daley hooking up with a fellow diver and getting up to some seriously sexy action! Read a little from the story below;

Tom felt brave and powerful at the thought of this older, sexy guy wanting
to see him strip and slipped his suit jacket to the floor. Unbuttoning his
shirt he saw Ryan lick his lips and he let the shirt drop to the floor
slowly, giving the sexy swimmer time to take in all of Tom's muscles. Next
he unbuttoned his trousers, letting them fall open at the front
slightly. He turned away from Ryan and let them drop to the floor, knowing
his perfect bubble butt, squeezed into his tight white boxers would be
driving Ryan wild. He turned back around, his own dick now fully hard,
obscenely stretching the material of the boxers so that the head was
visible through.

“Come here” Ryan said firmly. Tom stood in front of the bed, his hands on
Ryan's huge shoulders. Ryan reached out and began to firmly stroke Tom's
dick beneath the material, leaning forward to lick and kiss all over his
stomach and upper legs. Ryan's hands and tongue felt amazing, and shivers
were running through Tom and down his legs.

“I'm gonna fuck you so hard. I'm gonna fuck you 'til you cum” Ryan was
saying between kisses and licks, now moving onto the head of Tom's dick,
fiercely sucking and licking through the material. Tom couldn't take any
more of the teasing and pulled his boxers down in one motion. His thick
cock had been bursting to be set free and sprung up into Ryan's face who
wasted no time and took the dick in one into his mouth and down his
throat. Tom let out a fierce groan and allowed himself to move in and out
of Ryan's mouth, fucking his face slowly at first. Ryan was gripping Tom's
arse tightly, forcing him further in, and Tom needed no encouragement. He
fucked harder and faster, spit dripping down Ryan's chin as he took the
younger boy's dick deeper and deeper in his throat.

Suddenly Ryan pulled back and quickly spun Tom around so that perfect
bubble butt was in his face. He pushed on Tom's lower back making him bend
down to reveal more of his sweet hole. Ryan kissed fiercely the soft skin
around the hole before quickly darting his tongue over the slit. Tom was
being driven wild and pushed back onto the tongue begging Ryan to go
deeper. Neither could resist long and soon Ryan's tongue was boring deep
into Tom's hole, opening him up with waves of pleasure.

Still bent over, Tom was gagging to hold on to Ryan's thick pole as he was
tongue fucked. He reached between his own legs and grabbed the end of
Ryan's hard dick, finding it already wet with pre cum. Ryan thrust up into
his hand before suddenly lifting himself right up off the bed, carrying Tom
by his legs up as well. Now standing, Ryan was holding Tom upside down
splitting his legs and licking deep into his hole. Tom now being suspended
could take Ryan's pulsing dick into his mouth and savoured the taste of
man, sweat and pre-cum.

After a minute or two, Ryan moved his huge arms down around Tom's waist and
turned, throwing him roughly onto the bed. He went back over to the bureau
and pulled out a condom and some lube, still wanking his thick meat.

“You want me to fuck you?” Ryan growled, opening the condom with his teeth.

Tom was in ecstasy. His hole was still dripping with spit and now the
moment had come, he was going to be fucked by Ryan Lochte. Dreams do come
true Tom smiled to himself.

“Fuck me hard.”

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