“Lerman and Bieber” is a hot and horny 3 part fan-fic story about and Justin Bieber. Now that's a celebrity pairing I'd really love to watch!! Read a bit from the story below;

Justin's kisses moved further down Logan's body as the top fell on the
floor. He slowly circled one of Logan's nipples, enjoying the smell of the
soft flesh. Justin's mind was racing with thoughts of what he could do to
this beautiful boy, his pale flesh and toned body driving him
crazy. Logan's eyes were closed, relishing the feeling of Justin's
lips. Justin continued his downwards path, over Logan's pale skin, heading
to his crotch. He stopped as he reached the top of Logan's boxers, glancing
up towards his face.

Logan's hand guided Justin to his belt, and helped him to undo it. Next
came his zipper; Justin's fingers brushed against Logan's dick as he undid
the jeans, only his thin black boxers separating them from the throbbing
cock underneath. Justin removed the jeans, and slid back up to kiss Logan
again. Logan rolled on top, grinding up against Justin. They kissed until
they couldn't breathe any more, and then Logan repeated what Justin had
done for him: stripping off his hoodie, and then his t-shirt, and slipping
off his pants. The two boys were almost naked, both sporting hard ons
aching for some action.

They both hesitated slightly now, questioning themselves. As much as he'd
enjoyed everything so far, Justin wasn't sure he was ready to go any
further. Faint footsteps from the corridor made his body tense, holding
Logan tighter. The older boy laughed softly, bringing Justin's attention
back to the present. Their lips met once again, and doubt melted away.

Logan's mouth moved down Justin's neck, crossing his chest and kissing
either side of his treasure trail. The tip of his tongue rested over the
head of Justin's cock, teasing him through the fabric. He inched the
waistband down slowly, uncovering Justin's rigid cock. His pubes were
trimmed short, and his balls were clean shaven, hanging loosely, tempting
Logan to touch them. He cupped Justin's balls as he ran a finger slowly
along the side of his shaft, then kissed the head of Justin's cock, making
him moan softly. He took the head into his mouth, gently sucking on it and
swirling his tongue around the tip. Very softly, he nibbled the edge of the
head, feeling Justin's cock become even more engorged as he did. He kissed
his dick delicately, trying to give him as much gratification as
possible. Justin squirmed as his dick got even harder, leaking precum –
Logan's slow pace was turning him on even more. Logan looked Justin in the
eye as he took more of his dick in his mouth, spit dribbling down the
shaft. Justin rested his hand on the back of Logan's head, running his
fingers through his hair. Logan built up a rhythm, gradually fitting more
and more of Justin's cock into his mouth as he moved up and down his
length. He went as far down the pole as he could, until it hit the back of
his mouth. Justin moaned, his eyes shut tightly as the sensations washed
over him. “Fuck, this feels so good…” he groaned.

Logan smiled, and gradually removed Justin's dick from between his lips. He
delicately licked the glistening tip now, quickly then slowly moving his
tongue, making Justin squirm in pleasure.

“Oh god Logan, you're fucking amazing!” Justin gasped. “You need to feel
this too.”

“Sure, I was waiting for you to volunteer,” Logan said, smilingly cheekily.

Justin sat up, and kissed Logan. His hand wandered over Logan's body, and
then found the raging erection in his boxers. He rubbed him through the
material, eliciting low moans from Logan while they continued to make
out. “Ready?” Justin asked.

“Yeah.” Logan managed through louder moans as Justin's hand slipped inside
the waistband and caressed his dick.

Justin gently pushed Logan back, lying him down on the sofa, as he moved
his mouth downwards. The tip of his tongue made contact with Logan's cock
as his hands slipped off the tight boxer shorts. Logan shut his eyes as
Justin's mouth engulfed the head of his penis, lost in the pleasure that
was already overwhelming him. The singer then lazily moved his tongue
around the head, and licked down to Logan's balls. He gently sucked on the
shaved orbs, surprised at just how much he was enjoying pleasuring
Logan. He moved his mouth lower, and tongued underneath Logan's
balls. Logan opened his eyes, and gave Justin a quizzical
look. “Relax. You'll like this.” Justin reassured him, with a cheeky smile.

Justin's tongue was now skirting Logan's hole, which had tensed
up. Justin's tongue gently probed the crack, while his hand stroked Logan's
cock. Logan gradually relaxed, and Justin was able to explore his
hole. “Mmmm, oh god Justin…” came the moan. Justin breathed in the older
boy's scent, intoxicated. He moved his mouth back up to Logan's shaft, and
proceeded to give Logan the best blowjob he could.

“Oh fuck Justin, I'm gonna cum soon if you keep this up…!” Logan panted
after just a minute, his back slightly arched, and his face strained as his
looked into Justin's eyes.

“Not yet,” Justin said, giving Logan a wink. He moved back up to Logan's
mouth, and kissed him again, playing with a hard nipple at the same
time. Logan couldn't take it anymore, and rolled Justin over so that now he
was on top. Logan looked down at Justin, and kissed his forehead. He then
kissed both his cheeks, and his chin. His lips brushed the bottom of
Justin's, teasing him. They smiled at each other, and Justin pulled him in
closer so that the two were now just cuddling.

A knock at the door made them both jump, metaphorically at least. “Shiiit,”
Logan muttered under his breath.

“I'll just be in here…” Justin whispered, throwing his clothes around the
corner and next to the bed, then diving under the covers, hiding him from
view of the door. Logan meanwhile had frantically pulled on his shirt and
was now trying to tease his erection into a position in his boxers where it
wasn't immediately obvious. Several seconds passed, and Logan's tent was
still well and truly pitched however he positioned it. With a sigh, Logan
gave up and opened the door.

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