Studio: Family Dick

Themes: Bareback, Daddy & Son, Older On Younger

In “Pride & Joy” chapter two, the son spots his dad getting ready for a parent-teacher meeting. The son confesses to his dad that he didn't do well in his math, and is worried that his dad is disappointed. The dad sits down on the bed with his son and reassures him that he'll never be disappointed in the boy. The pair then lean in for ┬ápassionate kiss. After lots of making-out, the boy unzips his father's pants and goes down on the hunk's hard cock. He sucks and swallows all of that dick before dad tells him to get naked and on all fours.

The dad proceeds to rim his son's smooth teen ass. He spends a good while licking that pink hole before shoving his big bare cock inside of it. The horny dad fucks his son hard from behind, then flips the boy over to pound him in the missionary position. Dad's big dick pumps in and out of his son until he's ready to blow, then pulls out and squirts all over the boy's balls. The son moans out loud as his father fingers his hole until he blows too, squirting his teen jizz all over himself.

Best moment: Dad making his son cum by fingering him.

Dick Detective's score: 4/5

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