It’s the final chapter at Scandal at Helix Academy and we finally get to see which of the duelling school boys ends up on top – Evan Parker or Ryker Madison. If you remember Evan saw Ryker getting fucked in the classroom by the new teacher (Doug Acre) who also happens to be Ryker’s lover. Evan figured he could coast through the semester with a little blackmail, that is until Ryker saw Evan cheating on his lover in a classroom threeway. And Ryker hatched his own blackmail plan.

In the final scene, Ryker is sitting in Evan’s dorm room waiting to talk. When Evan arrives, Ryker tries the nice approach. But Evan’s a prick, he doesn’t care. Then Ryker tries blackmail: “I’m sure Casey would love to know you’re fucking around on him.” But that doesn’t fly either, Casey knows his boyfriend plays on the side. When Ryker finally begs, “Evan, what can I do?” Evan stands, grips Ryker’s chin, “You want me to keep quiet?” then leans in for a kiss.

So was this Evan’s plan all along? Did he really just need a ruse to get into Ryker’s pants? Judging by the passion between these two, Evan’s had a thing brewing for Ryker for a long time. This is a got-to-have-you, panting, sheet-griping fuck and frankly it’s a lot hotter than when Evan fucked his own lover Casey on the very same bed. Evan takes his time with Ryker – he’s going to get his money’s worth, as it were – before he pounds ass hard. But has their sweaty tryst really solved Ryker’s problem? Or will there be a fresh scandal at the Helix Academy?