is wrapping up their 5-part The Art of Breaking Up by bringing and together for a reunion at Jordan's art exhibit. As far as stories go, I didn't think The Art of Breaking Up held up very well, the story felt very disjointed and not fully explored. But as this series is hot where it counts with lots of sweaty dick sucking and ass pounding. And who can forget sucking his own dick while fucked him?

In the final chapter, Evan finds himself at an art exhibit. He doesn't know it's Jordan's show until someone points out a painting of Evan on the wall. He asks the gallery owner who painted the picture and everything starts coming together.

Evan and Jordan slip away to the gallery office and rekindle their love. A warm hug leads to a passionate kiss, then Evan drops to his knees and swallows his ex-boyfriend's cock. He bends Alex over the desk and enters him for some slow and heated fucking. The passion gives way to animal fucking and they blow their cum wads together. Was this a one-time slip into the past? Or will Evan and Alex get back together? Head over the Helix Studios and watch all five episodes.