Models: Joey Maus, Evan Maus (aka Evan Cox)

Studio: Brother Crush

Themes: Bareback, Jock On Twink, Breeding/Cum In Ass

Joey returns home after being gone a while and quickly pays a visit to his older brother's bedroom to see him. Evan welcomes Joey in and asks how he's been. He reminds Joey of the rules, no shoes, socks, or pants on his bed. Joey complies and takes them all off before laying next to his brother for a chat. Evan quickly sees Joey eyeing his boner and knows exactly what his little brother has bene missing. Soon Joey has his hand around Evan's cock as the brothers kiss.

Before long they're both naked and Evan sucks on Joey's stiff dick before bending him over backwards to eat out his ass. He gives that hole a good rimming, then turns Joey around onto all fours and slides his raw dick into the boy. “I've missed that tight hole so much” says Evan as he pounds away at his younger brother. After being slammed from behind, Joey then goes for a ride on his brother's bare boner. The horny brothers change position again and Joey lays on his back to get the cum drilled out of him. Evan then cums inside his brother and breeds him, leaving the boy's hole filled with his jizz.

Dick Detective's verdict: Excellent. The beginning was great and Evan's dick looks hot inside Joey's tight ass.

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