“The Ship” is an ongoing story about a 20 year old blond boy called Craig who finds himself on a boring cruise ship with his family. But thanks to all the hunky men he meets, Craig manages to turn into a very hot and horny holiday! Read an excerpt from “The Ship – Day 1” below;

A few minutes after Craig sat down a member of the crew, one of the
officers, took the empty seat at the table and introduced himself. In a
very thick accent he shared that he was from Greece. Craig couldn't help
but stare. The man must have been about 30. He had beautiful dark hair
and eyes with a 5 o'clock shadow. He stood about 6′ and looked like he had
a hard body under his white uniform shirt. His trousers fit him well
showing off a nice package and ass.

Craig didn't contribute much to the conversation but kept sneaking peeks at
the officer who was engaging both his parents and the other couple.
Craig's sister was trying to flirt with the single man at the table but he
was not paying much attention.

After dessert and coffee the entire table stood up, said their good
evenings and started walking away from the table. Craig's folks asked him
what he had planned and he said he was just going to explore and might see
them later.

The officer, who had introduced himself as Stavros, hung back until it was
just him and Craig. In a thick accent he said “If you want a tour of the
ship I would be glad to take you around.” He had said it with a smile in
his voice and his eyes.

“Sure, that sounds fun.”

For the next half hour, Stavros took Craig from the highest deck to the
main deck, where the Purser's desk was located. The main deck was pretty
empty this time of night. Stavros asked Craig if there was anything else
he would like to see. Craig's eyes moved from Stavros' face to his crotch
but didn't say anything. Another smile crossed Stavros' face.

In his thick accent and broken English, Stavros asked “are you what they
call, what's the word, a faggot?” It wasn't said in a derogatory way.

“Yes, you could say that.”

“Follow me.” Stavros led Craig to one of the men's rooms that was just off
the desk area. It was one of the small ones that you could lock which
Stavros did after they were both in the small room. Stavros didn't waste
any time, he unbuckled his belt, unzipped his uniform slacks and pushed
them and his boxers down revealing a cock that was the same dark color as
his skin. It was already half hard when it was revealed. The dick
mirrored the man, long and lean. As a man that was used to giving orders,
he told Craig to take off his shirt and pants. As Craig removed his
Khakis, Stavros cupped Craig's tight ass.

Just with a look, Stavros let Craig know that he needed to drop to his
knees which he did. Using just his mouth Craig enveloped Stavros Greek
cock and began to take it as deep as he could, he wanted this cock to drive
deep into his throat. Craig used all of his skills to bring Stavros to the
brink and then pull him back. He did this several times hoping that it
would drive Stavros to take him which is exactly what happened.

Stavros grabbed Craig, pulled him up and turned him toward the wall of the
bathroom. He held Craig's arms up against the wall, kicked his legs apart
and then used his other hand to bring his cock so that it was touching
Craig's waiting hole.

The Greek said “Need to do this quick, I need to get up to the bridge.” He
rammed his cock into Craig and started plowing deep and then pulling back.
Stavros knew what he wanted and how he wanted to get it. His pounding of
Craig's ass was merciless. With one final thrust, Craig felt his inside
being coated with Greek cum that felt as thick as yogurt. Exhausted, Craig
collapsed into the wall while Stavros' cock slipped from his ass. Stavros
bit Craig's neck as if he was marking him as his own.

As Stavros pushed his cock back into this uniform slacks he said “thanks,
hopefully we can do this again when we have more time. I'll be watching
for you.” With that he left the bathroom. Craig put his clothes back on
and left the bathroom. He hadn't cum and was so horny he needed to drop a

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