“The Wilderness Canoe Guide” is an erotic fiction tale about a 28 year old canoe guide named Zac and a few other hot young guys joining him out in the wilderness. Read an extra hot excerpt below:

After had left, Zac got up with the idea to check on Aiden and Nick.
They had been gone for a while and he was worried about them being city
people in the wilderness. He really didn't want them to get lost or hurt
out here.

Zac had been taught how to walk through the forest quietly by the elders,
and now it was something he did all the time quite naturally. Zac came
across them on the shore below the waterfalls, frantically making love.
Aiden was on his hands and knees, knees spread and ass up in the air. The
scene before him was so hot, so he moved behind a couple of bushes to
prevent them from seeing him while he was spying. Zac clearly saw Aiden's
hard cock swinging in rhythm from each thrust Nick made into his ass. He
also heard Nick grunting as the big cock was buried to its depth inside

Aiden's head was hanging down for a few thrusts, and then hyper-extended
upwards with his mouth wide open and tongue licking around his lips in
absolute delight. His eyes were closed tightly, cutting out everything
which might distract him, allowing him to concentrate fully on the
sensations he was feeling. Aiden was concentrating on feeling the large,
hard cock as it was sliding through his asshole to a point deep inside him.
He could feel the warmth radiating from Nick's hard dick, and loved the
movement of the oversized head of the cock being pushed and pulled through
his tight ass.

Nick was feeling naturally high as he was plunging in and out of Aiden. He
had wanted his boyfriend so bad all day, almost giving into his urges
earlier when everyone was naked while having a wash in the river. He had
wanted to make love to Aiden so badly and he had found himself constantly
hard since their wash time. He knew Aiden had been feeling the same way as
soon as he had pulled his shorts down to suck on that delicate, yet solid,
piece of meat. It didn't take long to be buried deep within his boyfriend,
making love. Nick also enjoyed it when Aiden topped him, but Aiden
preferred to bottom. He didn't argue as long as they were just making
love. The sensations of Aiden's tight asshole surrounding his cock were
incredible. His boyfriend was so warm and smooth inside; he loved the
sensation from the extra-large head on his cock as it moved inside Aiden.
He also loved it when he bottomed out deep within him, pushing against the
second ring of muscle.

From his position, he could see Nick's hard cock plunging in and out of
Aiden. Both of them had their eyes closed and were obviously enjoying the
sensation being given and received. Zac was feeling his own manhood rising
to the occasion. Watching and listening as the two men made love had
brought a need foremost to his mind, and he freed his now very hard cock
from the confines of his shorts. He was already oozing slick pre-cum as he
took hold of it and began stroking it. The fluid and his spit worked well
to lubricate his hand, as he slid it up and down his shaft. He was
listening to Aiden tell Nick to fuck him deeper and harder, begging him to
pound his ass. Nick was telling him he had such a tight, warm ass and how
much he loved him. He watched from behind the bushes quietly as Nick moved
from his knees to roll Aiden over onto his back on the sand. Moving over
top of his boyfriend, he plunged into him again. Zac watched as Nick
stretched down to kiss Aiden while pumping into him. When Nick was
supporting himself on his arms, Zac watched as Aiden started to jack
himself frantically; his head rolled backwards, eyes still closed.

Zac now had his eyes closed and was sliding his fist up and down his hard
cock faster, imagining he was inside Jon's beautiful ass. His imagination,
being very vivid, had created a picture of lying on his back with his
knees spread wide. Jon's long hard cock with the big purple head was
oozing precum onto his tanned stomach skin, and he was begging Zac to make
love to him. He imagined Jon's tight little rose bud ‘winking” at him in
the anticipation of being spread wide as it was entered.

Zac closed his eyes, and he created a new picture in his mind of him lying
on top of Jon, feeling their hard-ons rubbing against each other as he
kissed him deeply. He dreamed of kissing Jon, continuing to kiss his way
down his neck to the nipples, using his teeth to pull at them. Zac thought
of what Jon's hard dick would taste like as he sucked on it, running his
tongue around the big purple head and then sucking it into his mouth. He
would suck it so deep his nose would be buried in Jon's pubic hair. He
wanted to lick and suck on Jon's big low hanging balls too. They looked
like perfect fit for his mouth. He could use one hand to play with his
balls, while the other hand would be busy jacking Jon's cock, milking the
pre-cum out of it.

He thought about what Jon's asshole would feel on his tongue as he licked
it, using his tongue to probe into the ring of muscle. He would use his
hands to spread those luscious ass checks so he could spend lots of time to
lick and nibble at the beautiful little sphincter, relaxing and moistening
it for entry. With his hands in that position, he could extend the index
fingers to begin massaging the entry point and entering it slowly with a
digit. He created a vision in his mind of his finger disappearing into
Jon's entry point; moving in and out, twisting on the way out. He thought
of Jon's response to the finger and imagined a second one going in.

The scenario he created in his mind so complete he could imagine it was
really Jon's love canal he was in, not his own fist. Zac wanted to say
“Jon, you are so beautiful, so tight and it feels so good to have my dick
in your ass. I Love you.” He wanted to hear from Jon say he loved Zac

Zac shot his load all over the tree he was supporting himself against. He
came hard, imagining he was cumming deep inside Jon. He imagined how
would feel as he came buried deep inside in.

Zac leaned against the tree, settling down from his climax. When he opened
his eyes, he could see the large streaks of cum dripping off the bark. It
was one of the largest loads he had shot in a long time. “Wow, if I did
that with my imagination, imagine what he would like with the real thing”
he thought. Zac milked the final drops of cum out of his deflating cock,
pulled his shorts up to head back to camp.

Before leaving, Zac observed Aiden and Nick still lying together, Nick's
arms wrapped around Aiden, on the beach and basking in their after sex
glow. Zac hadn't seen hidden amongst the bushes further into the

had just finished blowing a load as well. He had been watching Zac at
a distance from between the trees, but close enough to see Zac's hard cock
as he jerked off. When Zac came, had shot off soon after. Jon was
wishing it was his ass Zac was pounding, and not his fist. He wanted that
big cock of Zac's up his ass. He headed back to camp after pulling his
shorts up.

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