“The Bus Ride” is an erotic story following the character of Neil as he takes a very eventful and very hot bus ride across the country. Read an excerpt below:

As Neil started to suck with more enthusiasm he worked his tongue back and
forth along the underside of the piece of meat he was servicing. “Fuck
man, your mouth is incredible, I'm getting close.” Neil worked his mouth
harder wanting the load of cum this guy was getting ready to shoot. Neil
put his hand around the shaft of the man's cock and started to stroke it in
unison with the movement of his mouth. The man had grabbed the top of the
stall partition and was ramming as much of his cock through the hole as he
could. His breathing was getting labored. “Here it comes”.

The guy peering over the stall door asked “let me see him shoot in your
mouth man”. Neil leaned back and opened his mouth wider keeping the tip of
the boot man's dick on his tongue while he continued to stroke it. Neil
was hunger for the man's load and continued to move his tongue back and
forth on the underside of the cock head and was rewarded with several shots
of hot and salty cum. After the final shot Neil swallowed and then pursed
his lips over the tip and sucked the last few drops of cum from the now
softening cock. “Jesus Christ man, you really know how to suck cock.”

The guy in the other stall spoke up “I came too from just watching you”.
After boot man had pulled his cock back through the hole, Neil heard him
zip up and leave the stall and the john. The guy who had been watching
over the stall door went into the now empty stall. He must have been
beating his meat because it took no time for him to stick his rigid, deep
red dick through the hole. As Neil put his lips around the engorged head
the man began shooting strings of cum into his mouth as he groaned. The
cock quickly pulled back and the man left the stall.

Neil wiped the back of his hand across his mouth and found that he had some
cum on his lips. He brought his hand back to his mouth and he licked off
the cum he had wiped. Just then Neil heard the announcement for his bus
and pulled up his jeans, picked up his stuff, left the stall and went to
wash his hands. The guy with the gym shoes was at the sinks as well. He
looked to be about 18 or 19 with a swimmer's build and red hair. “Man,
that was incredible to watch, I wish I had had the chance to have you blow
me.” They both left the john. Neil realized he had never seen the face of
the man who had given him the second load because he had just seen his back
while he had been at the urinal. That made Neil smile, he looked around
the now more crowded station wondering whose cock he had drained.

The guy with the biker boots was once again sitting on one of the benches,
leaning back with his eyes closed and a smile on his face.

Neil headed out to where the bus was and handed his larger bag to the
driver who was shoving luggage in the under carriage of the bus. The
driver was an older man, maybe 40 or 45, who obviously made sure to keep in
shape. His uniform pants and shirt fit like they were tailored for the
man. He had the seamed part of the short sleeves on the shirt rolled up a
bit so they accentuated his biceps. A couple of the female passengers were
talking the driver up as he loaded the luggage. The way he puffed out his
chest indicated that he enjoyed the flattery.

Neil kept his back pack and walked up the short flight of stairs into the
interior of the bus. As he went down the aisle he noticed that the kid
with the red hair was on the bus. They smiled at each other as Neil went
toward the middle of the bus and took a window seat. The bus was about
half full when it pulled away from the station and no one had taken the
aisle seat. The driver announced that they would be reaching their next
stop in about an hour.

Lost in memories of the loads he had just gotten, Neil put his head against
the window and closed his eyes. He must have fallen asleep because he was
startled to realize that someone was sitting next to him when he opened his
eyes. It was the red headed kid. When he turned his head toward the kid,
the kid said “hey”.


The kid had his jacket in his lap. After looking around, the kid lifted
the jacket enough that Neil could see that he had his cock out of his pants
and was lightly stroking it. The kid smiled at Neil and lifted an eyebrow
as if asking a question. Neil looked around and then moved his hand under
the jacket and brushed it against the kid's meat. The kid removed his own
hand and Neil wrapped his fingers around the shaft. His fingers barely
touched as he started to stroke the kid's cock. The kid leaned back
against the seat and closed his eyes while Neil continued to move his hand
up and down. This went on for about ten minutes before the kid moved
Neil's hand away. The kid grabbed hold of his cock again and aimed it
down. With his other hand he grabbed Neil's hand and brought it to the tip
of his cock and formed it into a cup. With a few more strokes the kid let
loose with several large spurts of cum. Some of the cum was leaking
through Neil's fingers and landing on the floor of the bus in front of the
kid's seat. The kid whispered, “I want to see you drink it.”

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