This hot erotic fiction story involves two horny college boys having sex on their roommate's bed whilst he's away. Read an excerpt below;

“You like that?” I asked.

“Yeah don't stop” Ivy League boy replied.

“Where do you want my dick to blow man?” I asked.

“Wherever you want Tyler” he said.

I continued the motion of rubbing our hardened cocks together when he
pulled out some lube to help get the job done. I kissed him on his cute,
kissable lips when he pulled out the lube. I knew what he wanted to use it
for and I knew he was going to get exactly what he wanted.

I poured a little lube in my palm and then placed my palm around his cock
and started to jerk him off real slow – I mean really slow – at first. Then
all the sudden I started jerking him real fast. My hand was going a million
miles an hour jerking this guy's fat meat and then I stopped abruptly. I
rubbed the tip of his dick where his pee hole was. I knew this gave most
guys an insatiable feeling. Ivy League Hottie moaned in surprise and he
actually had to pull my hand off the tip of his dick.

“Stop man you're gonna make me cum” he said.

I stopped but then I took his hands and pressed them against the mattress
with my own, stronger hands. My legs were on his legs so he couldn't really
move. I had him pinned down on his bed. Our bare cocks were still
touching. A lot of the lube on his jerked off dick had transfered to my
dick. I pinned him down and was looking down into his brown innocent
teenage eyes.

“I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you” I said, honestly.

And I didn't even wait for a reply. I had to let him go for a second to
pull his legs up in the air to expose his little young butt hole. His
practically hairless ass was staring me in the face now and my glistening 8
inches of boy cock was just inches away from his hole.

“Relax, man” I said.

He moaned a little and then grabbed a pillow and put it over his face. It
was time to do my deed.

I inched my cock closer to his hole until the head of my dick was firmly
pushing against the outer walls surrounding his puckered up red colored
hole. I pushed my dick forward so my dick's head started to disappear. I
could hear him moaning and he started to push me away but I pushed him
right back and pinned his hands down against the bed again like I had
earlier. He told me “no” but I knew I was in control.

“Relax” I said again.

Because I knew he was in pain I grabbed the lube bottle and flipped it
upside down, opened it up and let a heap of lube fall into the crevice
between his ass and my dick's head. It was a pool of lube now just sitting
there waiting to get fucked back up inside his guts. That was the green
light for me to enter Ivy League Hottie's body.

I thrusted forward with a swift movement and let me raw dick enter his ass
without any consideration of the pain he must be feeling. He screamed but
his voice was muffled under the pillow. I had his hands pinned down again
and his legs were vertical towards the ceiling. I had successfully gotten
all 8 inches of my cock up into his hole.

I continued to fuck him bareback and each time I pushed up his hole the
sides of my dick felt great. The skin on skin action of one teen boy to
another exhilarated me. I thought about his room mate real quick when I
looked up at a shirtless picture of his stud at the beach. I thought about
threesome fucking or double penetrating but quickly get back on track when
my dick flopped out of his ass and I had to re-maneuver it into his ass
using my hands.

His butt was one glistening lubed up display and my cock had no problem
ramming him. I got into a steady motion of fucking in, almost pulling all
the way out, then fucking him in real hard again. Each time his body moved
slightly closer to the head board and he moaned a cross between excitement
and pain. Every inch of my muscular body was working in unison to fuck his
biology major into oblivion.

My thrusting continued some more and I felt myself getting really close to

“Can you cum when I cum?” I asked, as I panted and sweat dripped down my

“Yeah just tell me when” he said back.

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