“Office Romance” is a hot erotic fiction series about a young guy called Mike who hooks up with hunky office colleague for some out of hours gym coaching.  Needless to say, things soon start to heat up when the coaching gets very one-on-one! Read an excerpt from part one below;

The next day at half 6, I headed down to the gym that was situated in the
building's basement. When I walked into the changing room, was
already there, sitting on one of the benches. He looked up when I walked
in and smiled at me.

“Hiya mate. Before you go get changed, I've brought you something that I
think will help out during our session”. He reached into his duffel bag
and took out a white jockstrap.

I must have had a weird look on my face, because he laughed. “I find these
are really helpful when I'm working out as they don't restrict me as I do
my exercises”

“That's fine by me” I said, and he threw the pair over to me. To be
honest, I found jockstraps really hot so the thought of wearing one was
already getting me excited. I stripped down (sadly was already
changed but looked hot in another tight fitting black Lycra top, and some
short white shorts). I pulled on the jockstrap, and it was pretty small.
It didn't leave anything to the imagination as you could clearly see the
outline of my cock. I then put on my black tank top and pulled on a pair
of very skimpy red shorts (hey, I looked good in red). again gave me
the once over, flashed a smile and led me out to the gym floor.

After warming up, we made our way to the bench press and I lay down on the
bench. selected a weight for me, and stood at the top of my head to
spot me. His crotch was right over my face, and the smell coming from him
was amazing. I could feel my cock stir and had to think of something else
to stop myself from getting hard

We then spent the next hour going around the gym with showing me
different equipment to use and suggestions on what weight to use them on.

We eventually ended up at the leg press which involved me sitting down with
my knees up to my chest, my feet on the board and having to extend my legs
to push the weight away from me.

must have had the weight too high as on my first go, my legs shook and
the board nearly went flying back.

“Whoa”, he said, “try doing it like this”.

He then put both of his hands on my left thigh underneath the fabric of my
shorts. I was a bit surprised but presumed he would soon move his hands.
He pushed on my thigh to help me extend the leg and bring it back again.
However, on the return, his hand moved further up my leg.

Not making a sound, I continued the exercise and every time, his hand moved
further up my leg, until his left hand's middle finger touched my hole
(thanks to Dean's jockstrap, my ass was easily exposed). I looked at him
but he continued to look at my feet.

“Just keep doing the exercise” said.

I continued and on the next return, his middle finger entered my hole. I
gasped and looked around the gym. There were a few other co-workers around
but nobody was paying attention to us.

I continued doing the leg press, and his finger continued to slide up my
ass. After a couple more times, I left out a soft moan.

At this point, turned to me, gave me a smile and inserted his finger
all the way into my hole and started to slide it in and out. He had a sly
grin on his face, and with the sweat running off him, he looked so hot.

My cock started to stir, and I could feel it getting harder in the
jockstrap. The material of both the jockstrap and my shorts were so tight,
you could clearly see my bulge as my 8″ cock struggled to break free.

saw my straining cock and this only made him go faster, as he slipped
a second finger in my hole. He was going so fast, I thought he was going
to rip my shorts.

He continued to finger fuck me as my cock continued to get harder. Due to
the constraints of the jockstrap, my cock head was rubbing against the
fabric, like it was wanking my cock all on its own.

Due to this and Dean's finger fucking, it didn't take long before cum
erupted from my rock hard cock into the jockstrap. However, the load was
too much and the cum started to leak out, making a damp spot on my shorts.

Dean looked at the damp spot on my shorts, and licked his lips. He pulled
his fingers from my ass.

“That was a great workout” he said, “I hope you found it useful”.

“Oh, definitely. It gave me a lot of pointers” I replied with a cheeky

“Look, I'm sorry to do this, but I really need to head off” Dean said.

I told him it was no problem and we headed off to the changing room. I
undressed and took off the cum-soaked jockstrap. I went to put it in my
bag but Dean stopped me.

“Hey, I'll take that home and wash it. After all, it was my fault it was
dirty”. He laughed.

I handed him the jockstrap. “Maybe we could do this workout again
sometime?” he asked.

“Sure thing” I said and he left the room.

I couldn't wait

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