“Office Romance” is a smoking hot erotic story involving two work colleagues who hook up in their office gym for some sexy sessions together. Check out an excerpt from part two of the story below:

We entered the sauna room and no sooner had the door closed and I pushed
Dean back onto one of the seats and engulfed his hard cock.

It tasted so good. I enclosed my mouth around his hard meat and took as
much of it into my mouth as I could. I worked my tongue up and down his
shaft, licking his head as I went up. Dean put his hands on the back of my
head and began to pump his hard cock into my mouth. It was like he became
an animal, pounding my mouth and I loved it.

After pumping my mouth for a while, I took my mouth off his cock, and began
to lick my way up his body. I ran my tongue along his hard abs, and moved
up to his pecs. My tongue circled his left nipple, which caused Dean to
moan, and I bit down on his nipple, making him gasp.

We were still both sweaty from our workout, and so I moved my tongue across
to his left armpit, and took a deep breath. He smelled so good, and I
lapped at his armpit, tasting his sweat in my mouth.

Dean pulled me away from his pit, much to my dismay. He pulled down my
Speedos and grabbed my cock and stuck it in his mouth.

I was in heaven. He practically swallowed the whole thing and was bobbing
up and down like it was his last meal. As he sucked my cock, his hand
moved up to my ass and he slipped one of his fingers into my ass.

I let out a loud moan, which just spurred him on. He quickened his pace
sucking my cock and then stuck two fingers into my ass. I loved it, but
didn't want to cum too soon.

I pulled Dean off my cock. He looked up at me looking hurt. “Fuck me” I

Dean grinned and sat on the seat. I straddled him and slowly lowered
myself onto his hard cock. I could see it was leaking precum and so that
served as lube. I gasped as his head pushed into my hole, and I slowly
sank further onto his meat. I looked down at him and for the first time,
moved my lips to his. We began making out heavily, and soon his whole cock
was inside me.

It felt like he was going to rip me apart but it felt so good. I started
to bob up and down on his cock while we continued to kiss. My cock was
in-between us and was leaking precum all over both of our toned chests.

Dean continued to fuck me like that for a while, with me bobbing up and
down as our tongues wrestled in our mouths. Our bodies were sliding
against each other, and with my cock still leaking, our chests were soon
wet with sweat and precum.

It was clear we needed to quicken up the pace. Dean put his hands on my
ass and picked me up and stood up. His cock was still in my hole as he lay
me down on the floor.

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