Ever fantasized about being sent to jail and getting his ass fucked hard in some hot cell block gay sex? Then you'll love this fan-fic story about just that! Read an excerpt from “Jail House Justin” below;

Giving another hard thrust or two, Bieber stops fighting as hard.

“Good little bitch, simmer down. You might actually enjoy this. Hell, you
might even earn yourself a reach around.”

Fed up with fighting, Bieber inquires, “Fine, what's in it for me if I
willingly go through this right now?

“Well, immediately, I'll make sure you bust load or two as well. Trust me,
we all need to bust a load or two while in here. Second, I'll make sure
everyone knows that your cherry was already taken by me and that your ass
is my property. I'll also teach you how to actually get the respect that
you should have in here to survive without being feared nor messed
with. I'll introduce you to who to know, who can help, and the right way to
go about making deals. Got it?”

“Yeah alright, I mean you already got your dick in my ass. I guess it
couldn't hurt to make this stay in here somewhat tolerable.”

“Good. Now one last thing, your ass is now mine when I feel like it.”

“Oh hell no,” Bieber started to protest, “I'm no homo.”

With a hard thrust, I add, “Look, I'm not saying you are.” Think of it as
payment for my services. Plus, if you're play your cards right, I'm willing
to help you get your rocks off too.”

“….. fine,” Bieber responded after a minute.

“Good, now that everything is settled, let us finish this deal with me
blowing my load in you. I'll be nice and give you a reach around since
you've been a nice little bitch”

I start to slide myself in and out nice and easy for the kid, letting him
get comfortable. I started to moan, he grunted a couple of times. I grabbed
some Vaseline on my left hand, moved my right arm across Bieber's chest. My
left hand moved down to Bieber's cock which was actually hard right now,
probably cause I was hitting his prostate. It felt about 7-8″ and about as
thick as mine. His pubes felt trimmed too. As I really started to ride him,
I kept working on his dick.

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