“Hitting The Shower” tells the story of a guy working out in the gym who spots a young, hung jock and they proceed to cruise each other before putting on a hot j/o show in the showers. Read an excerpt below:

I was still sitting down, bending over, and putting my clothes in the
locker and even with my eyes looking straight forward I couldn't help but
catch of glimpse of this huge, flopping thing that popped out when the kid
pulled down his shorts and underwear. When he had first came in the
locker room I wasn't thinking too much about him stripping next to me. I
just don't have that 'cruising' agenda when I go to the gym. However, there
was just no way I could not notice that this kid was now standing right
next to me in this cramped locker room, now totally naked, and the cock
that he had hanging down from his waist was fucking HUGE.

I found that my brain had suddenly shifted to slow motion. Although he
was only standing there for a couple of seconds before he grabbed his towel
and started to head to the shower, I was still able to see every detail of
this unbelievable cock that was now at eye level only inches from my face.

It was super thick, long, and hung down from a small patch of pubes. I
didn't have a measuring tape, but soft the kid was hanging down around 8" I
guessed. I couldn't tell if he was cut or uncut because although I still
saw the head of his cock he still had a good chunk of skin that was hiding
the majority of it. Although he wasn't facing me directly I noticed one
large vein on the front of his cock that ran all the way from the base
to. his head. He also had a set of balls on him that any guy would
kill for. They were big, heavy, and hung down from the base of his
cock. These were not balls that were scrunched up in a wrinkled nut
sack, but instead a set that just hung down low. As he moved to wrap his
towel around his waist his balls were swinging back and forth.

I saw all of this in just mere seconds but the image is seared into my
head. I have seen big cocks like this before, but it was just the
surprise of a cock like this hanging off of a young kid that just
completely caught me off guard. I realize that guys who have big dicks
of course had them when they were younger, but for some reason I have this
distorted view that only older guys have the real mammoth cocks. I also
didn't start playing around with guys on a regular basis until I was in
college so I wasn't used to seeing guys who were probably no older than
seniors in high school.

All of this happened and I somehow managed to keep putting things in my
locker and pretended that I didn't notice this monster that had just
flopped out of nowhere and was now bouncing around at eye level. I don't
cruise guys at the gym, but I also don't cruise guys where I'm unsure if
they want to be cruised. As the kid walked to the shower I stood up,
wrapped my towel around my waist, and just thought to myself, "Wow, that
was a fucking huge cock.". I wasn't horned up, wasn't getting hard, or
any of that crap. I just found myself thinking that this kid was the
luckiest kid around and he probably wasn't even old enough to know it
yet. I found it amusing as I headed to the shower.

There are only 4 shower stalls, a set of two on opposite walls, with a
short wall between the two showers on each side. A shower curtain hung
on each stall for privacy. As I walked in I could see that the kid had
taken the shower on the left on the far side of the room and from my
initial viewpoint I could not see him. I walked over to the shower on
the opposite side of the room and as I took off my towel and reached up to
pull the shower curtain closed I looked over and I saw that the kid had
also pulled his shower curtain closed. but only half way.

He had left the shower curtain open so that the open space faced the back
of the room. So basically if you first walked in the shower room, or
were to walk by the shower room, you would not be able to see him as the
shower curtain would block the view from that angle. However, if you
went fully into the shower room and took the shower stall directly across
from him, you could see him clearly.

There had been a few occasions when I could tell guys were cruising in the
shower and this was exactly how they did it. They took the far stall and
then closed it only half way or so, but you couldn't see anything unless
you also took the far back stall on the opposite side of the room. I
have taken a shower on more than a few occasions when I could tell that the
guy had purposely not pulled the shower curtain all the way closed. Only
one time, when it was this very cute and sexy Asian guy, did I also play
along with the game and very innocently we watched each other take a
shower, soap up, stroke our cock, our ass, etc. It was more erotic than
overtly sexual and when it was over we acted like nothing happened.
Neither of us came, or really was stroking that hard to begin with. I
guess if I had been a little more aggressive, or if he had been, that maybe
something could have happened. But neither of us pressed farther than
knowing that each of us was enjoying the other naked in the shower.

There was one other time where I think two guys may have been in the same
stall but because the shower curtain ran all the way to the floor it was
impossible to tell for sure. I just knew that I saw two guys go into the
shower room and by the time I got in the room there was only one stall with
the shower curtain completely closed. I like to relax and take a long
shower and when I left whoever was in that stall, whether it was one or
more guys, were still in there. A few minutes later when I was brushing
my teeth at the sink I again saw the same two guys coming out of the shower
so I'm positive they were doing something in there. The only thing I
remember thinking at the time was that if there were two of them in the one
stall you would never know unless you literally pulled back the shower

As I walked into the stall across from the kid I had to make a quick
decision. Did I just ignore him, close my curtain all the way, shower up
and get out of there?. Or did I also just close the shower curtain half
way or so and pretend that I was just too lazy to pull the curtain all the
way?. I quickly reasoned that if the kid didn't care enough to close his
curtain all the way that he wouldn't care, and probably not even notice,
that another guy had done the same. I've seen plenty of men who were
definitely not cruising who are just very comfortable being nude in a
locker room. I was brought up playing sports, gym class, etc., where you
just stripped down and showered together and a lot of guys just keep that
mentality as they get older. For all I knew this kid was just going
through the motions and just not caring that he was standing there
showering where others could see him. I still, though, got in the stall
and then pulled the curtain only half way closed and turned on the shower.

I stood sideways, and out of the stream of water, as I waited for the water
to get warm, which only took about 10 seconds. In my peripheral vision I
could see the kid was already wet from head to toe and was soaping up his
body with his hands. I was careful not to look directly at him as I
didn't want him to think I was looking at him. Once the water was hot
enough I stepped underneath the flow and let the water hit me on the head
as I reached up with my hands and ran my fingers across my head and face to
wash away the sweat. The soap dispenser was on the back wall and after
rinsing off and getting my body wet I once again stepped out from
underneath the stream of water, turned sideways, and faced the back wall
and the soap dispenser. I reached up and pushed in the soap handle with
my right hand and held my left hand underneath the dispenser to catch the
soap as it was pushed out. I pushed a few times and the soap came out in
big white foamy globs. It was one of those new soap dispensers where the
soap comes out already foamy and bubbly. With my left hand full of soap
I turned all the way around and faced the opposite side of the room, facing
his kid directly, as I casually started to soap up my body.

The distance between the two of us was about 15 feet but even pretending to
focus all of my attention on lathering up my own body I could see him
clearly as he was already fairly covered in foamy soap and was rubbing his
hands over his chest and stomach. I was looking down and watching my own
hands as they spread the soap on my chest and abs, but I would also
momentarily glance up. The kid was facing me directly, standing to the
side of where the water was streaming, and soaping up his body. I had
also stepped out of the water and to the side so that the soap would not
rinse off my body as well. As I soaped up more, covering first my chest
and stomach, and then my arms, I continued to briefly glance at the young
kid and sure enough I caught him glancing in my direction as well.

It's at times like this when I wish we lived in a society where we could
all just cut through the games and get to the point. There are some guys
out there who are very direct and make it known very early in the process
that they are interested in some fun. Whether it's online and a guy
sends his first message to you saying how he wants to fuck and asks for
your address, or whether it's a guy at the bathhouse who walks by your room
and sees you laying there and without hesitation comes in the room, shuts
the door, and reaches down to fill your hole and see if it's ready to be
fucked. I love guys like this because they skip playing the games and
they get right to the point. Then there are guys who take their time,
and there's nothing really wrong with it, but it does stretch out the
process a bit.

Then there are situations like this where I wasn't even remotely looking
for anything and yet there clearly was the possibly of something
happening. So I stepped back under the stream of water and started to
rinse myself off, but I continued to face the opposite side f the room and
instead of just glancing at the kid I looked directly at him as I started
to rinse the soap off my body. If the kid wasn't interested, or wasn't
even looking, I doubted he would even notice as all I was doing was looking
in his direction as I held my head under the water and ran my hands over my
chest and began to rinse the soap off my body.

To my surprise the kid looked at me directly in the eyes and just held his
gaze looking at me. It was just two guys staring at each other, but when
you are in a shower and both of you are naked this means something
completely different. I continued to stand under the water and as I
looked at him he for the first time reached down and started to stroke his
cock. There was no denying it now. I knew when I noticed him staring
at me as much as I was staring at him that there was something going on
between the two of us that was more than getting cleaned up after a work
out. However, with him being probably no more than 18 and the fact that
I rarely play in public setting, I had held back doing anything in the off
chance that I was wrong, or that someone would come walking into the shower
room at any second. Yet here the kid was, now clearly stroking his soapy
cock, and looking at me directly in the eyes as I looked into his.

My cock, which was previously soft, soon started to harden as it was clear
that this kid was now stroking his cock and he was doing it in front of me
. I stepped out from underneath the water and reaching over I pumped
some soap into my right hand and I brought my hand down to my cock and I
started to stroke my cock as well. My cock was getting hard, and the
kid's cock was doing the same. I knew he had a huge cock when I first
saw it soft in the locker room, but as he stroked it I saw this monster
cock come to it's full size and I had to try to hold my composure as my
mind tried to wrap itself around how fucking huge it was.

The kid had turned slightly to the side and as I watched he temporarily
pulled his hand away and using his hips he swing his cock back and forth,
no doubt showing off how big his cock was. It was a good 10" and hung
straight out from his body. I couldn't tell exactly how thick it was but
I doubted I would be able to get my fingers all the way around it. He
once again was wrapping his right hand around it and started to stroke it,
this time facing completely sideways but still turning his head to look at
me every few seconds. I couldn't hold a candle to this monster cock
hanging off this kid but I did my best and was quickly stroking my 7"
cock. I didn't feel any sort of inadequacy in the face of his huge cock,
as I doubted the kid met many guys who could match him in size. It
appeared to me that the kid seemed more interested in giving me a show than
anything I was actually doing. I couldn't tell for sure, but the way he
was standing sideways and pushing his hips forward every few seconds as he
stroked his cock, I was definitely getting a good show.

A few times he grabbed his cock with both hands and it was at that time
when I knew I was with one of the few lucky men who actually could use two
hands to stroke their cock. I could grab my cock easily with one hand
and have a couple of inches left, but I knew I couldn't grab my cock with
both hands and have my cock fill both hands. This kid could do that and
more. I watched as he put his two fists together, forming a long tube
with his curled fingers, and literally fucked his two hands with his
cock. Even with two hands holding onto the length of his cock he could
stroke his cock and the head of his cock would pop out the end when he
brought his hands to the base. I was watching a kid that knew how to
stroke a huge cock.

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