“Frat Boy Surprise” is a hot erotic story about college boy Joey and his straight jock roommate Caleb. Read an excerpt from the story below which is sure to get your dick stiffening!

Stepping up next to the bed again he quickly hooked his thumbs in the sides
of Joey's briefs and yanked them down and off. Joey's cock was pulled down
and then slapped against his stomach with a thwack. He brought them to his
face, inhaling deeply from the wetspot. Caleb's eyes trailed down Joey's

“Damn boy, that thing looks huge on you!” he said as his eyes came to rest
on Joey's throbbing manhood and large balls. He climbed on top of Joey,
lining his 7″ cock up against Joey's. taking both in his hand, he
whispered, “Damn, practically the same size as mine.”

He kissed Joey fiercely as his hand pulled open the nightstand drawer and
quickly found the bottle of lube.

“Bet you thought I didn't know about that.”

He lifted Joey's legs and rested them on his shoulders. He rubbed his head
lightly up and down Joey's hairless crack, pushing gently against his
pucker. Joey moaned at the pressure. Caleb quickly lubed himself and rubbed
the head in small circles around the hole. Caleb looked up at Joey's face,
his eyes were closed, his head thrown back, one hand playing with a nipple.

Caleb pushed forward, feeling the resistance until the head pushed through
into Joey's tight ass. He paused letting Joey adjust. He flexed his cock a
couple times causing Joey to whimper slightly. He pulled back until just
the very tip was still inside before pushing back in a little deeper this
time. Joey's head was thrown back and he had clenched the sheets in his
fists, but he was still hard as a rock. Caleb brushed his first finger up
the underside of Joey's cock, running his finger around the edge of the
flared head before wrapping his hand around, starting a slow up and down

After a few times he started to move his hips in time with his
hand. Sliding in as his hand went up towards the head, pulling out as it
came down. He kept the motion slow, pushing in a bit deeper every few
strokes as he felt Joey relax. He wanted Joey to enjoy this as much as he

“Oh fuuuuck,” Joey moaned, “Give it to me.” Caleb pulled back, allowing
himself to come completely out of the tight, hot hole in front of him. He
waited for Joey to look at him, and thrust forward to bury himself in one
long thrust. His pubes now tickling Joey's asshole, he rocked side to side,
his cock head sliding back and forth against Joey's prostate.

“Oh fuuuuck,” Joey moaned, almost in a yell. Hearing that he knew Joey was
ready to go. He leaned forward bracing himself on the bed with both hands,
pulling back until only the head was still in, and driving it completely
back in. He did this a few more times, each time a little faster and a
little harder. He fell into a fast rhythm, changing it up between short
strokes and long, sometimes buried deep sometimes little more than the
head. He leaned in close to kiss Joey's collarbone, the sweat dripping off
his chest. Joey wrapped his muscular legs around Caleb's ass, pulling him
in hard and deep but not breaking the rhythm of his pounding. His hands
roamed Caleb's back, chest, through his hair.

Grunting, moans, and the slap of Caleb's balls, and Joey's cock as it
bounced against his stomach filled the air.

“Harder. Give it to me! I'm gonna cum!”

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