“Elliot & The Rugby Captain” is a an erotic fiction story about a high schooler named Elliot and his hot encounter with the rugby captain! read an excerpt below:

I rose slowly from the chair and crouched down before him. His soft cock
was just centimetres from my mouth. Tim reached put his hand on the back of
my head, gently forcing it down towards him. I let him push me, until my
lips brushed against the tip of his penis. “Open your mouth.” He ordered. I
obeyed, parting my lips and letting the tip of his dick push into my
mouth. He tasted sickly sweet, and the smell was like fresh cotton
underwear mixed with sweat. “Take it all in,” came the sound of his deep
husky whisper and again I obeyed. I opened my mouth up wider, swallowing
the whole length of him. He thrust into me gently; his eyes closed moaning,
“That's it,” as he let out a gasp. The sound of him moaning in pleasure
travelled straight down my ears and into my dick. I wanted to please him,
make him feel good.

I began to bob up and down on his dick, feeling it swell up in my mouth. I
couldn't believe how thick it was getting or how long, after only a few
pumps I could barely get all the way down to the base. I wrapped my lips
around his bulging head, swirling my tongue around as I sucked. He moaned
again softly. The sounds excited me even more so I reached up with my right
hand and grabbed his shaft. It felt so weird holding another guy's dick in
my hand, yet so right at the same time. I squeezed it gently, feeling the
warm flesh under my finger tips hardening with each pulsing throb. I could
feel his whole cock pulsing now, and I could taste warm and sweet pre-cum
on my tongue. I sucked it down, fuelling my ecstasy even further. With my
left hand I grabbed his balls, cupping them in my hand and rolling them
between my fingers. They were the size of eggs, thick and juicy. I leant
in and began to suck on his testicles, giving his balls the same treatment
as I had his cock while continuing to jerk him off.

“Fuck yeah,” he breathed, bucking his hips slightly into my clenched
fist. I moved my mouth to the other testicle, slobbering over it till it
was covered in spit. Tim grabbed the back of my head with both hands and
lifted me back up onto his cock, pushing me down further onto it. I
chocked, gagging and spluttering but he pushed me further down, relenting
only when I pushed myself back off him, coughing. A rope of spit hung
between my lips and the end of his rock hard cock, almost like a lasso
pulling me back in. I dove back on bouncing up and down on his cock. I
couldn't believe how big his dick had gotten, at least 8.5 inches and thick

The hands returned, pushing me back down as I gagged again. Instead of
pushing me all the down this time though, Tim began to thrust his hips in
and out, fucking my throat. I opened my mouth as wide as I could to take it
all in as he kept throat fucking me. I could feel it banging into the bag
of my throat, but my gag reflex began to slightly subside as I felt him
probe deeper with each thrust. As his speed and depth increased so too did
his breathing. He began to pant softly, sweat starting to form on his arms
and legs, making his blond hairs gleam. He looked straight down into my
eyes and unleashed his evil little smirk. “You fucking love this don't you?
Fuck this is good, take it you little bitch.” He grunted, his whole body
tensing with each thrust. I was so captivated by the sight of his abs
clenching and his biceps swelling that I almost forgot his dick was in my
mouth. He was like a caveman, just pure testosterone pumping through his
veins. He kept thrusting, pushing faster and faster as his breathing became
more laboured.

`Fuuuuck, I'm gonna cum,” he gasped. I felt a surge of adrenalin when I
heard that. I reached up and grabbed his dick again, furiously working it
through my hands and forcing my tongue into his dick. “Shit, I'm gonna cum,
swallow it bitch,” he whispered.

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