This HOT erotic fiction story is about a Marine named Doug who finds out his best friend back home is gay. When he arranges to meet up with his buddy, Scott, things take a turn that Doug had never imagined before….

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Sleep came surprisingly easy for Doug but it didn't last long. He
came awake with an aching hardon. He discreetly pushed the dial light on
his watch. It was only midnight. It wasn't a morning piss hardon. He
squirmed, burrowing it into the mattress. In the quiet of the night he let
his thoughts ramble, fueling his imagination. They weren't touching but
they were lying close enough that he could feel the warmth of Scott's body.
It reminded him of other times, when they were kids. All of those times
and he never had a clue. He wondered….if he had known….they were just
He shook it off and tried to go back to sleep. His head was
still foggy from the beer but there was so much going through his head.
Frightening stuff that he wanted to get away from, and sleep was the only
escape. He lay there in the quiet of the dark for more than an hour. The
darkness, with the help of the warm feeling from the beer. seemed to cast a
spell over him. In the quiet darkness, things began to appear in a
different perspective. He turned over on his side and gazed out the patio
doors. Was Scott asleep, he wondered, or was he only pretending to be?
What was keeping him awake wore more heavily on his mind. He was
in bed with a gay guy, for chrissakes! Scott wanted him, he'd made no
secret of that. It was just him and Scott, alone, in a motel room. Nobody
else would ever know. What could it hurt? He wondered how it would feel??
He turned onto his back and stretched out with his hands folded
behind his head. His shorts bulged with his still aching hardon. He
looked over at his buddy, and it was as if he were seeing him for the first
time. He was good-looking, a stud, hard to believe he was gay. Shit, it
was such an opportunity; one he wouldn't ever have again. He turned to
look out the open patio doors, as if to get away from it, but it wouldn't
go away. He looked back at his friend.
“Scott? Man, are you awake?” His voice was a hoarse whisper and
it startled him, for he hadn't intended to speak. He held his breath,
waiting for some response.
“I've never been asleep,” Scott replied softly. “I've been lying
here watching you sleep.”
“Your eyes were shut,” Doug said.
“Only when you turned over to face me.”
Doug took in a quiet breath. He wished he hadn't spoken. If he'd
pretended to be asleep, lying on his back like that, maybe Scott would've
tried something on his own and he could have pretended to sleep through
it. But he was wide awake and so was Scott, with only the quiet, soft
darkness and a bare few inches separating them.
“I haven't been asleep much either,” Doug said.
“What's bothering you?” asked Scott.
“Everything?.the whole situation?.thoughts that are rambling
around in my head?.look, Scott?.go ahead, if you want to,” he said, his
voice raspy.
Scott lifted his head to look at him. “Huh?”
“It's just you and me, man….and you came all the way down here,
and I'm lying here with this big hardon anyway.”
“Don't mess with me, Doug,” Scott said.
“I'm not messing with you. You said if I ever decided to jump the
“Yeah, but I'm not sure you have,” Scott said. “I think you're
straddling the fence; you don't know what you want.”
“Maybe not, but one time isn't going to hurt, if it's what you
want,” Doug said.
“More than I ever wanted anything in my life,” said Scott.
“I wouldn't have to lie to you. You would know it's my first
time,” Doug said.
“Are you serious?”
“Reach over here and see if it feels like I'm kidding?” Doug said.
But Scott didn't move. “You don't know how bad I want to. But
what I feel for you is more than sex. You're more than that to me. It's
how I feel about you, and how you feel about me that counts the most.”
“You don't feel something for any other guy? The desire, I mean?
You didn't feel anything at all when you saw those guys playing football
today?” Doug asked.
“The desire, yes. But not everything else I feel about you,” Scott
“Would it matter if I said I want you to?” Doug asked.
“That would matter a lot,” Scott replied. “I just want to know
you're not thinking with your balls.”
“Look, I'm no stranger to the looks and the come-ons and the
subtle propositions from other guys, but I've never done anything,” Doug
said. “I never wanted to.”
“Till now?”
“Yeah, till now. I'll admit it….part of it is knowing you want
it,” Doug said. “So it's not like I'd be doing you a favor. You'd be doing
me one.” He lifted his head and smiled at him. “Am I convincing you yet?”
“Damn you,” Scott said with a returned smile. As he reached over
and laid his hand gingerly on Doug's stomach. Doug tightened and rippled
his abs for him.
“Show off,” Scott said as he rubbed his hand in circles, moving
further downward each time.
Scott's fingers touched the waistband of his shorts and Doug held
his breath, waiting to see if they moved under or over the waistband. They
trailed down over the front of his shorts, light as feathers. He moved his
hand up and down the long, big bulge.
“Those pictures you sent….the ones of you in your shorts; you
don't know how many times I jacked off with them, fantasizing that I was
doing this.”
“You didn't get them all splattered, did you?” Doug asked.
“It doesn't matter, I want to take some new ones before I leave,”
Scott said. Suddenly he got up from the bed. “I'm going to turn the
bathroom light on. I want to see you,” he said.
Quickly, Doug slipped his shorts off so he was naked for him when
he came back to the bed. His cock stood out and swayed back and forth over
his belly, throbbing and bobbing up and down.
Scott returned and stood beside the bed, gazing down at his
muscular friend and his mouth went dry at the sight of him. His cock was
huge. It reached up nearly to the cleavage between his pecs, thick as his
wrist. The underside of the head flared back like a split mushroom and the
seminal vein that ran from the head down to disappear at the base was thick
as a black marker.
“My God!” he exclaimed softly. He gazed at the huge cock for a
moment then looked up at Doug. “I didn't know you were this big. What the
hell are they feeding you?”
“I wasn't done growing the last time you saw me,” Doug said.
“Now that I've got my wish, I don't know if I can handle
it. I….I didn't know you would be so big.”
“You don't have to handle it all,” Doug said as he reached down
and wrapped his hand around his cock. His hand wouldn't reach all the way
around it and he was proud to show that to Scott.
“What, and leave you to jack off?”
“It wouldn't be the first time,” Doug said. “Well, it would be the
first time in a long time, but I haven't forgot how,” he added.
Scott reached down and ran his fingers along the underside of the
huge cock that was sticking up out of Doug's fist. “I can't believe you're
letting me do this,” he said.
“Does that look like I'm kidding about it?” Doug said, nodding
toward his cock.
“No, that looks serious as shit,” Scott said. He knelt down beside
the bed as Doug turned onto his side. His cock swung out from his loins
like a battering ram. Scott touched it gingerly at first, as if he were
afraid it might not be real. He wrapped his fingers around it as far as
they would reach.
“Damn, I can't even get my hand around it.”
“Neither can anybody else,” Doug said with a chuckle.
“Have many have tried?”
“I meant neither can I,” Doug said.
Scott moved his hand up and down the shaft a few times. He could
see the pearl-drop of precome glistening in the wide piss slit. It's going
to taste so good, he thought. He leaned in and lapped his tongue back and
forth on the underside of the head, causing the big cock to quiver and
bounce on his tongue.
“Ohhhh,” Doug moaned softly.
The precome oozed out onto Scott's tongue and he lavered his tongue
all around the head to clean it off.
“Geezuss, man, take it if you're going to,” Doug said.
“You don't believe in foreplay?”
“Just take it, please,” Doug said.
Scott laughed softly and leaned in and captured the bulbous head
with his mouth.
“OOoooohhhhh,” Doug moaned.
Scott began sucking it, slowly, almost reverently, taking as much
as he could into his mouth.
“Aaawwhhh, mann, Scott, how come you waited so long to do this?”
Doug moaned.
Scott smiled inside, surprised at Doug's remark. He thought it
would be totally one-sided, him servicing the big Marine and Doug lying
there taking it quietly, more out of a sense of duty than personal want or
pleasure. Tears welled up in Scott's eyes. Tears of untold happiness for
himself, and deep satisfaction that he could make Doug respond so. His
cock was hot! And so big. His jaws felt like they might lock. He
couldn't take all of it. He could barely take half of it. The head was too
big to fit through his throat.
“Can you make it go down a little?” he asked. “I might be able to
take more of it, if it wasn't so hard.”
“Not with you doing that,” Doug said.
“If you can just make it more rubbery, I wanta try to take it all
the way.”
“Can you do that? Geezusss, I'm pretty big.”
“I want to try,” Scott said.
“What about when it gets hard again?” Doug asked.
“I'll do what I can with it,” Scott said.
Scott let go of it and they waited for a few minutes but it
showed no signs of deflating.
“I think it's staying hard 'cause it's pissed that you stopped,”
Doug said. Finally he got up and went into the bathroom where he dumped
some ice in the sink and ran water over it. He splashed the icy water over
his cock then got a washcloth wet with the ice water and took it back in
the room with him. He lay back on the bed with the cold washcloth over his
cock and they waited till it began to lose its rigidity.
“That must be sheer torture,” Scott said.
“You might wanta get back in position, once I take the cold cloth
off, it's not gonna stay down for very long,” Doug said.
Scott got between Doug's legs, at the ready.
“Fuckin' thing don't wanta go down,” Doug said.
They waited another minute or two and the big cock finally lost
enough hardness that it was beginning to bend like a radiator hose.
“Okay, you're only going to have a minute or so to do the deed,”
Doug said as he removed the cold cloth.
Scott got back on it, wasting no time forcing the bulbous head
against the opening of his throat.
“Awww, your mouth feels so warm,” Doug groaned.
Scott could feel the pulsations through the big hunk of meat and
knew that he indeed had only a moment to accomplish the impossible feat. He
relaxed his throat muscles and opened up as wide as he could and forced his
mouth down the shaft. The head slipped into his throat and he pushed
harder. His mouth went down, down….all the way down till his face was
smashed against Doug's pubes.
“Awwww, Fuuuucckkkkk!” Doug cried softly. He put his hand on
the back of Scott's head and churned his butt around in the mattress,
thrusting his cock hard into his buddy's throat. “Ohhh, Geezusss, buddy, I
don't know how you do that, but I'm glad you can. Godddd, it feels
incredible! Ohh, fuck, yeah, gulp it down, keep swallowing….awwhh, your
throat feels so good.”
Scott held on for dear life to contain the growing cock. It grew
fast, expanding his throat like a balloon. He fought down his gag reflex,
determined to stay on the pulsating cock. He wanted it so bad; wanted to
make Doug feel good. He choked a couple of times but forced his mouth on
the throbbing cock, unwilling to give an inch. When he had his gag reflex
under control again he ventured to move his mouth up and down the big cock
a couple of inches.
“Ohh, Shittt!” Doug gasped. “Awww, Fuck, Scott…..ohhh, if you
only knew what you're doing to me!”
He was able to deep-throat the huge cock for a few short minutes
before he began choking again and couldn't control it. He rose up, wiping
his mouth with the back of his hand as he stroked the hot cock with his
other hand.
“Mannnn!” he gasped. “I don't believe I did that!”
“I don't believe it either,” Doug said, reaching out to squeeze
Scott's arm. “Shit, that was awesome.”
“Want me to try it again?” Scott said.
“It's not going to go down again,” Doug said. “Shit, it's so
hard now, it aches.”
“I think I can handle it now that I've done it once,” Scott said.
“I never saw anything you couldn't handle, but this…..Goddam,
Scott, this is incredible, if you can do it.”
Scott wrapped his mouth around the big cockhead again and began
the descent. He had to twist and work the head into his throat but then it
was easier to go all the way down on it. He choked with emotion this time
as Doug cried out and moaned and writhed under him.
After a while, Doug stopped him. “Hold on,” he gasped, with his
hands on Scott's face. “It's getting too good, you're gonna make me
“I'm sure you've got more than one round in the chamber,” Scott
said. “Or are you saving it for someone else?”
“Naw, I'm not saving it, and I've got plenty of rounds in the
chamber. I just wanted to warn you,” Doug said.
“I've been warned,” Scott said.
“Seriously, man, w-what do you want me to do when I'm getting
close?.when I go off?”
“Let nature take its course,” Scott said.
“Just tell me, do you want me to come in your mouth?” Doug asked
in disbelief.
“I would like that, but however you want to finish it,” Scott
“Aww, Mannnn!”
Scott hunkered down with his face in Doug's crotch, nuzzling and
lapping his balls.
“That feel good, too?”
“Aww, you know it! Geezuss, what else are you going to do to
“Depends on what you'll let me do.”
“Anything,” Doug said. “Any fuckin' thing you wanta do.”
“Now that's something you definitely should never say unless you
know you mean it,” Scott warned as he shoved his arms under Doug's muscular
legs and placed them on his shoulders. His thighs were heavy. He lapped
and sucked on his balls and lapped in under them. He wanted to go further.
He'd never done that before and he wanted to do it to Doug for his first
time but he was afraid of his reaction. It might be taking things too far.
But he's said he could do anything, and his hard Marine butt beckoned and
gave him courage. The gentle aroma of maleness and soap wafted up to his
nostrils. He ventured a little bit at a time, lapping his tongue back and
forth across the hard cock-vein that reached between his legs to disappear
into his body. Doug wasn't minding. At least he wasn't voicing any
Doug was nearly breathless with anticipation. Was Scott heading
where he thought he was heading? He was afraid to respond; he didn't want
to make Scott think he wanted him to go there but he laid his legs out
wider and lifted his butt up higher to welcome Scott's oral advances.
Godd, he wanted him to do it! He'd heard guys talk in the barracks about
being rimmed and how great it was. One guy said that a guy with a good
tongue could make you cum without ever touching your cock. When there was
little doubt where Scott was headed, Doug wrapped his arms under his knees
and pulled his legs up against his chest, tilting his butt up off the
mattress, spreading it out wide. There could be no doubt now, and he held
his breath, waiting for the interminable moment for Scott's tongue to
connect. When he did, Doug choked on his outcry. He gasped and coughed and
half-sobbed before he was able to make a sound.
“Oh, Fuckkkk!” he gasped. “Awww, Scott….ohhhh, yeah, do
it….lick it, man…tongue it….awwwh, eat my ass, man….OOhhhh, Fuck
With that encouragement, Scott devoured Doug's ass like a hungry
wolf. He forced his face hard in the wide crevice, lashing his tongue
around the clenching hole. He flicked the opening with the tip of his
tongue and it clenched harder and wider. He pulled Doug's butt apart and
drove his tongue inside the hot, velvety hole that opened up to him.
“AAAAWWWWWWHHHHHHH!” Doug yelled. He quickly toned it down and
began gasping and moaning and whimpering. “Ohhhh….Oh, my Goddd. Awww,
Scottt, you're driving me nuts! Aww….ohhhh….ohhhhh….ohhh, fuck,
buddy, where'd you learn to do this!”
Scott didn't stop to answer. He had hit on a way to make Doug
crazy with pleasure and he wasn't going to stop for anything. If only Doug
knew what pleasure he was experiencing himself, lashing and tonguing and
eating his awesome asshole.
Suddenly Doug shoved Scott's head away and turned over on his hands
and knees. “Here, you can get at it better,” he said breathlessly. He set
his knees wide apart and bent down with his shoulders against the mattress,
spreading his butt wide.
Scott went at it with renewed enthusiasm, delighted that Doug was
cooperating with such frantic lust. He dug his fingers into the rubbery
rim of his asshole and pulled it wide open. He could see the palpitations
inside the hole. He drove his tongue into the soft, pink lining. Doug
squealed and whimpered as he pressed his face and shoulders into the
mattress, clawing at the sheet. Scott could barely contain his own lust.
His cock was like a steel rod, so hard it bobbed up against his belly when
it throbbed.
“Ooonnnhhh….UUmmmm, you taste so fuckin' good,” Scott moaned.
“Yeah, you like that ass? Tastes good? Eat it, man, tongue it,
get your tongue in there deep….Awwwhhh, yeahhh ohhh….ohhhh, Godd, don't
stop! Don't stop, Scott….you're gonna make me come….Ohhh…Ohhh….Ohh,
shit, I'm gonna come!”
“Turn over, I want see it,” Scott said.

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