“Dirty One Direction” is a series of hot erotic stories about the boyband, and chapter one is all about blond Irish charmer Niall Horan and his secret sex toy! Read an excerpt from the story below:

He licked his lips in anticipation, "This is going to be fucking amazing"
he whispered to himself in his deep, Irish voice. He grabbed the vibrator
in his left hand, it was a bit smaller than his dick, but it was the same
girth, if not a bit thicker. "Shit" he muttered to himself, he had no
lube. He decided that the copious amounts of precum he was producing would
be sufficient to lube the toy up- his ass wasn't as tight as it first was
when he started using the toy, it had stretched slightly and he hoped that,
despite the fact that nothing had been up there for quite a while, his
precum should lubricate the toy enough.

He had never told anyone about the vibrator. One time around a year ago,
Liam came into his room when the safe was sitting out and tried to break
into it, but Niall told him it was family photos from his childhood and
Liam quickly lost interest, happy to respect his friends privacy.

Niall reached down to his dick again, squeezing the inflamed head to force
out any precum. Sure enough, a sizeable amount oozed onto his fingers,
which he transferred to the toy, trying to make it as slick as possible. He
gathered some saliva in his mouth and spat it on too, rubbing it on to make
it as easy to enter as possible. Once he had done as much as he could, he
sat up on the bed, flipped himself over and drew himself onto his knees so
that his ass was in the air. He arched his back, making his ass protrude
further. His dick and balls hung low between his legs, his dick still
obscenely hard. His heart began to race and his breathing quickened as he
pictured what he was about to do with himself. He gripped the lubed up sex
toy in his left hand, while he moved his right hand towards his ass. He
reached around, spreading the slightly hairy cheeks as best he could,
revealing his deep, hair-filled trench. While his exercises in the gym did
little to improve his legs, they worked wonders on his ass, the two globes
of muscle perched proudly on top of his skinny, hairy thighs. He moved his
fingers into his trench, inching towards his quivering hole. He used the
tip of his index finger to rub his rosebud gently as it pulsated in
anticipation for what was to come. He slipped the finger inside, gasping as
he did so, his beautiful Irish face contorted in pleasure. He thought of
all of the millions of girls (and guys) who wanted to pleasure him, wanted
to worship him, but none of them could give him the pleasure he could give
himself. He pushed the sole finger in and out, rocking his body as he did
so, his dick swaying and spilling more precum onto the sheets. He was
getting close to his climax already and he hadn't even started using the
toy yet and he hadn't touched his dick in almost 15 minutes. He removed his
finger, his hole protesting at the emptiness it felt. He pulled the finger
to his nose and sniffed it, the deep smell of his ass filling his nostrils,
causing him to feel dizzy. He now moved the toy towards his hole, pressing
it against the hairy entrance. He forced himself to relax, allowing his
hole to open of its own accord. Slowly, he began to push the toy in gently,
the curved end entering with a slight pop. Niall hissed in pleasure, beads
of sweat beginning to form on his forehead, his normally perfectly preened
blond hair becoming dishevelled as he lost himself in pleasure, fucking
himself with a vibrator. He pushed the toy in to the hilt, his moans
becoming more guttural and animalistic as he satisfied his urges. He
twisted the toy slightly, searching for his prostate. After a few seconds
of searching, he found it, his body shaking from the explosion of pleasure
he experienced. His dick lurched once more, spewing yet more precum onto
the bed. He flicked the switch on the vibrator, turning it on and hearing
the faint hum of the toy and feeling it as it repeatedly pulsed and hit his
prostate. Already he could feel his heavy balls churning his cum. He used
his free hand to reach down to his cock, burying his face in the soft
pillow and moaning loudly.

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