“Taking One For The Team” is a story about a young soccer player called Cameron who sustains an injury out in the field.  But he gets an unexpected and seriosuly hot form of relief thanks to the help of his coach, doctor and teammate! Read an excerpt below:

Coach Macleod put a hand on Cameron's shoulder.  "Son, let the
doctor treat you, it's for your own good.  Jeff, you're the captain of the
team.  Help your teammate."
	Cameron looked at Jeff, who was nearly as naked as he was apart
from the tight gray Speedo around his hips.  One of Jeff's hands scratched
his head through his spiky brown hair and the other rested on his waist as
he considered the situation.  He was standing as he often did, with his
weight shifted to one foot, which angled his body like some sort of Greek
sculpture and brought the young, developing muscles of his torso into
relief through his golden skin.  Cameron had seen Jeff in his Speedo enough
to know well these contours of his body, as well as what was inside Jeff's
Speedo, and Jeff had often seen him naked in the shower too.  But was
Dr. Gill really going to make him have an orgasm in front of him?  And the
coach?  This was absolutely humiliating.  Fuck you, Matt Weitzel, he
	"Yes, Coach," Jeff said a bit hesitantly.  "Um... what do I do?"
	"What do you do?!" asked Dr. Gill sarcastically.  "You jack him
off, that's what you do!  You know how to masturbate, don't you?"
	Jeff couldn't believe what he was being asked to do, but he took
one look at Coach Macleod's stern expression and satisfied himself with the
thought that he was doing it for the good of the team.  Then he looked at
Cameron's face, which still conveyed the pain he was in, and realized that
he wanted to help his teammate and his buddy feel better.  He slowly
reached for Cameron's dick.  His mind turned as he touched it; he and
Cameron had a lot of physical contact training in the pool, slapping each
other on the ass, even touching each other's butts when they had helped
shave each other last week.  But he had never touched Cameron here, and
never expected to.  He gently stroked the penis, not really knowing how to
handle it.  Should he touch Cameron the same way he pleasured himself?  He
wondered if that would be revealing something very private.  "Uhh... is
that... OK?"
	Cameron looked away, feeling completely embarrassed at the
situation.  "Yeah dude, it's OK."
       Dr. Gill maneuvered his right hand into a latex glove that he
retrieved from his bag and drizzled a clear gel on the gloved fingers.
Cameron winced slightly from the cold gel as the doctor massaged it around
his anal opening, but as it warmed up, he began to relax.  He had never
felt these sensations before, but they were curiously pleasant.  Was this
supposed to feel good?  He wasn't sure, but his mind was distracted from
the pain as he focused on the new feeling of having his hole primed for
penetration.  He instinctively wanted the finger to enter him.  He had no
idea why, but he knew it would feel good.
       The cock was slowly becoming longer and firmer in Jeff's hand as he
stroked it.  He thought it wasn't very big, but he remembered that Cameron
was a few years younger than him and imagined he was probably still
developing.  It was light and even in tone, rather like the rest of
Cameron's body; even the circumcision scar blended subtly into the
surrounding skin.  The member tapered gently to its narrow head, only
slightly darker in hue than the rest of the shaft.  As Jeff slid down the
cock, he felt its width expand in his hand a little as it met the rest of
his teammate's body.  Over and over, he felt the minute fluctuations in
girth as he moved up and down Cameron's manhood.  Gaining confidence, he
started to pick up the pace, but Cameron shuddered at a few clumsy strokes.
       "That's too rough!" barked Coach Macleod, who was watching intently.
"Come on, son, you'll never get him off like that."  The coach brushed
Jeff's hand aside, and the member slapped back down onto Cameron's abs.
The coach lightly ran two fingers along the underside of the dick, from
base to tip.  A gasp escaped Cameron's lips, and his cock twitched in
       "You OK?" Jeff asked.  Cameron smiled sheepishly and nodded.  Should
he be enjoying this so much?  Jeff turned back to the coach.
       "Boys your age jack off so fast.  You gotta tease it a bit, son."
       Jeff tried Coach's move on Cameron, and it elicited another gasp.
He did it again, with the same response.  He's liking this! Jeff thought.
Jeff looked at his buddy with a mischievous grin, and he was suddenly aware
of how tight his own Speedo now felt.  He thought with some unease that he
might be getting turned on by this.  Cameron smiled back faintly, also
unsure if he should be deriving pleasure from any of this.
       The doctor's finger entered the boy, and Cameron sighed at the
arrival of his body's guest.  Dr. Gill moved his finger in and out a few
times, stimulating the orifice.  It was about how Cameron hoped it would
feel: friction and excitement as the finger pushed in, the sensation of
expelling something as it pulled out.  He didn't know if it was possible,
but he tried to open his hole further to allow the finger to penetrate
deeper into him.  Combined with Jeff's improving ministrations to his
organ, he was beginning to feel much better.  He adjusted himself on the
examining table and closed his eyes.
       Jeff was lightly rubbing the head of Cameron's cock, which had now
grown to its full length and disproven Jeff's earlier thought that Cameron
might still be developing.  It wasn't quite as thick as Jeff's, but what
little it lacked in girth it seemed to make up for in length.  He couldn't
explain it, but he didn't want to take his eyes off his teammate's tool,
and he was fixated on the different reactions he could get out of Cameron.
Slow strokes down the shaft made Cameron look lost in ecstasy, but when he
applied friction under the corona of his delicate head, Cameron got very
excited.  "Unngghhh... yeah," Cameron whispered, closing his eyes and
apparently losing any apprehension over whether he should be enjoying his
       "You might want some of this," said Dr. Gill as he squeezed some of
the lubricant onto Cameron's rod.  It coated Jeff's palm as he smeared it
into the cock, twisting his hand around it while stroking up and down
slowly, trying to envelope as much of the organ with his hand as possible.
Cameron sighed again with pleasure.  Jeff gazed at the prick, now slick and
glistening in the fluorescent light of the coach's office, and realized he
was definitely getting turned on, knowing he could control what Cameron
felt by how he touched the most sensitive, intimate part of his body.  His
own cock stirred inside his Speedo, and he adjusted it innocuously with his
free hand to make the erection he knew was growing inside it more
       By contrast, Dr. Gill proceeded dispassionately about his task.  He
was treating a patient, and apart from a medical concern for Cameron's
discomfort, he was apathetic about any pleasure he might be experiencing.
The doctor's finger found its goal, Cameron's prostate, and tapped it
lightly.  The boy jerked and whimpered softly.  Jeff, who had paid
attention to the blond's sighs and moans, knew this was not a sound of
       "Hmm... Yes, just as I thought," muttered Dr. Gill.  "This will be
tender, Cameron.  You feel this?"  The doctor tapped it again, and Cameron
groaned.  "It's swollen with fluid right now, but we're going to compress
it out."
       "To... relieve the pressure?" Cameron panted.
       "Exactly.  You should begin to feel a difference in a minute or
two," said Dr. Gill.  He continued to caress the gland inside him, tracing
long strokes along it.
       Jeff studied Cameron's face intently as his prostate was massaged.
He wondered what sensations Cameron was feeling, given his complex facial
expressions, but not enough to want to trade places with him.  Jeff
preferred the power of his position, touching and manipulating his naked
teammate, and he knew there was no denying that he was turned on by the
situation.  His own stiff manhood was pressed to the left against his body
inside the tight Speedo.  It must have been protruding obscenely, but he
didn't dare look down for fear of drawing the attention of Dr. Gill or
Coach Macleod to it.  And yet, for some reason, Jeff needed Cameron to know
it was there and acknowledge it.  Instinctively, he stepped up against the
examining table.  He felt the cold under his bare feet as he stepped onto a
fresh patch of floor, but he pressed his warm bulge against Cameron's arm
where it lay.  He studied Cameron's face, but there was no sign that he had
noticed.  Jeff slowly rubbed his bulge back and forth into Cameron's arm.
Come on, man, he thought.  I want you to see this.  Don't you know you've
made me hard?
       Cameron's attention was elsewhere.  It had only taken several
seconds for him to adjust to the feeling of having his prostate rubbed,
much quicker than he thought Dr. Gill had said it would take.  Once the
sensation that his prostate might burst had subsided, Cameron realized how
sensitive a place Dr. Gill was touching.  He thought he could feel each
individual stroke the doctor made on the gland.  As the finger increased
the pressure of its strokes, Cameron thought of the deep tissue massages he
occasionally got as an athlete, except this massage was happening someplace
deep inside his body, accessible only through his butt.  He yearned for the
doctor to knead it harder, to treat it like a stubborn knot in a muscle,
and he deliriously anticipated each stroke while the doctor patiently
prolonged the crescendo of pressure on the gland.  Each caress sent a
ripple of electricity from inside Cameron that traveled along his cock and
ended at Jeff's hand.  Waves of pleasure coasted through his body,
overpowering him.  The only reality was prostate and dick, an axis of
pleasure with Dr. Gill's finger at one end and the team captain's hand at
the other.
       He suddenly became aware of the rest of his body again when he
realized Jeff was playing with one of his nipples.  He was alternating
between pinching it lightly and rubbing the nub with his finger.  Jeff had
gone for broke.  If Cameron had noticed his erection pressing against his
arm and reacted badly, Jeff could have passed it off as accidental contact.
But playing with his nipple couldn't be passed off as an accident.  He
looked at his naked teammate, whose meat he was stroking with one hand and
whose nipple he was pinching with the other.  Your move, Cameron.
       Cameron looked up at his captain, glanced at his chest, and grinned
vaguely.  "Ohh... yeah..." he whispered.  Jeff smiled in relief, and he
rubbed his bulge into Cameron's arm again.  Again, there was no reaction,
but Jeff didn't care.  His hands were all over his teammate's body, and
Cameron loved it.  That was enough.
       "Now then, how are you doing?" asked Dr. Gill.  Cameron nodded at
the doctor and smiled – he didn't really need to say he was enjoying
himself.  "I'm going to increase pressure on your prostate with another
finger, alright?  Try to relax."
       Jeff watched in fascination as another of Dr. Gill's digits
disappeared into Cameron's slick hole.  He wondered what it would feel like
to get in there, at first with his fingers, but then with his cock.  My
dick is pretty thick, he mused.  Could Cameron handle it?  The naked blond
sighed as he adjusted to the new feeling, but as Dr. Gill began stroking
the gland with both fingers, the sighs quickly turned to groans of
       "Oh God!  Ungghhh..."
       I wonder if I could make you feel as good with my dick, Jeff
thought.  Cameron's meat seemed to pulsate in Jeff's hand as he stroked it,
and it suddenly felt slicker.  Jeff looked at the member and realized it
was leaking precum.  His other hand left Cameron's nipple and began playing
with the precum, drawing long, gooey strings from the slit of Cameron's
head.  "Dude... this is wild!"  Cameron smiled back through his delirium.
       "Good," said Dr. Gill approvingly, staring down his nose detachedly
at the oozing cockhead.  "That's what we want to see."  His eyes returned
to Cameron's butthole.
       The cockhead leaked so profusely that fluid was dribbling down all
sides of Cameron's prick.  Jeff began rubbing it into the cockhead,
lubricating his fingers with Cameron's juice.  He was now using both his
hands to pleasure Cameron's manhood, one stroking the shaft and the other
rubbing his slit.  Cameron started grunting at the friction on his head.
He stared at Jeff with an expression that betrayed the physical intensity
he was feeling, and Jeff knew he wanted more.  He began to press harder
with his finger, opening Cameron's pee slit further and almost putting his
finger inside the head.  It was driving Cameron wild, and he started moving
his hips for the first time, slowly fucking Jeff's hands in an attempt to
increase the friction on his prick.  Yeah, you little stud, Jeff thought.
Thrust it, man.
       Dr. Gill observed this with a discrete amusement.  He continued
pressing on Cameron's prostate, sending further eruptions of fluid out the
top of his cock, where they were being spread all over by Jeff's
manipulations.  It was making a mess, collecting in a small pool on
Cameron's abs and dribbling down the crevices on either side of Cameron's
nutsac.  He knew there would be fluid trapped inside the gland, but he was
surprised at just how much he was milking out of the boy.  He began
pressing into the prostate directly to push the last of it out.
       "Oh GOD!!" Cameron gasped.

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