“Best Buddies” tells the story of two long time friends, both now married, who become closer than they've ever been before an end up having a hot night and fucking hard! Read an excerpt below:

"I am so fucking horny," he said, and I concurred, cause a hangover always
does that to me. "I tried to fuck my wife this morning but she just pushed
me away because, well, look at me," he said, pulling up his shirt to show a
beer belly that was just barely there, and making a face that accentuated
his mussed-up bedhead and drunk-haggard face.

"You'll always be beautiful to me," I said and he blew me a kiss.

And then for a long time we didn't talk. Commercials came on. We were just
staring at the TV and not looking at each other but our legs were still
tangled. And when he finally said "Wanna jack off?" it was such a relief
cause I'd been thinking of the same thing.

We hadn't jacked off together since college but it wasn't much of a deal to
get back into it again. I'd been doing it myself, obviously, the whole time
I'd been married and if he hadn't I would've thought something was wrong
with him. If I thought about it, and to be honest I never really did, I
would've assumed that we hadn't done it together for a while because we
never had the time or opportunity. When we'd done it together in middle
school, high school, college, we'd been bored out of our minds and horny as
all hell and there'd been a bonding aspect to it that maybe we didn't need
anymore, either.

He grabbed his laptop and pulled up some scenes he'd found recently and we
started getting into one. We pulled down our underwear at the same time and
his cock was rock hard and so was mine and we looked at each other and
smiled and I thought "I forgot how fun this is."

We chatted while we whacked and it was a reminder of old times. And then he
said exactly what I'd been thinking earlier - "This is fun, why haven't we
done this lately?" - I said I didn't know but that we should do it more

"Let's take our time," he suggested and I loved that. I showed him one of
the scenes I'd gotten off to last week and it was just as good as I
remembered and I could tell he was into it too. We blew a load, almost at
the same time. He grabbed a towel and cleaned us off and then we made more
coffee and he said, "You got anything to do today?"

"Not a thing," I said. And so we plopped back down on the couch and watched
more TV and in about an hour I was the one to suggest we jack off again. He
nodded, real slow with a sly smile on his face and said "That's what I'm
talkin about."

And this time we really took it slow. Like slow to the point where it felt
like something was going to have to happen just to fill the time because
what else did we have to do? I kept thinking about that threesome we had,
and it wasn't the first time I'd thought about it, but finally I mentioned
it and asked if he ever thought about it and he said "Duh, it was hot," and
I laughed and agreed.  "It's not hard to imagine that mouth would feel
really good right now," he said and then it was just like, fuck it, let's
do it again. So I went first and went down on him and it was a little weird
at first and then it was pretty hot and then it was like a lot of work. So
then he went down on me and god it was good.

We kept it up like that for a while - an hour? two? - just watching porn
then TV and switching off giving head and jerking off and then sucking some
more. And when he suggested it - "Should we go all the way? Since we're
going this far?" - well, I was kind of shocked at first. Because he was
talking about taking it in the ass, and I didn't think I could do that.

"I don't think I can do that," I said.

"Okay but I could," he said, kind of sheepishly. And I guess I wasn't
totally surprised cause I knew how much he gets off on having things up his
ass. He'd always been vocal about it, it was always this challenge to try
to get girls to go back there and when he did have girlfriends who'd lick
his ass or stick a finger up it it was like winning the jackpot for him. So
it didn't make me think of him any differently but in a way it totally did
because I never in a million years would have made the connection or
imagined me sticking something up his ass. Namely, my cock.

But now I was thinking it. And fuck if it didn't seem like a great
idea. But I asked him if he was sure and he said yeah, he was pretty clean
back there, he'd had stuff up there as big if not bigger than my cock so
why not? If it would feel good for both of us. I kept asking him if he was
sure until he started to get annoyed by it and then I stopped fighting it.

He grabbed some lube from the bedroom and we never even considered using
condoms cause what would have been the point? Then he just bent over the
couch and I lubed up and in a way I couldn't believe it was happening but
in another way it felt like something totally normal, just me and him
goofing around and having fun. So I slid it in. I'd done chicks in the ass
before so I knew to go slow and everything, let him adjust. And we were
still laughing about it as we did it but when I finally did get it in all
the way and pull back and thrust in again he gave this little groan, like
it felt so good for him. And it felt pretty amazing for me, and that
knowledge that we were both getting off big time was the most exciting
thing about it.

So I just pounded away, not really caring in the same way that I do when I
fuck a girl, like worrying if she's getting off or if I'm doing it too hard
or too soft. I was just doing it to feel good. I got on the couch and he
rode me for a while. It was a little weird looking at his face while I
fucked him, but then we'd start cutting up again and it was this mixture of
seriously getting off but also just fucking around.

He came first. I had him on his back and I was holding up his legs and
sliding all the way into him and back out. When I came out I'd hold it on
the precipice for a minute just to make him anticipate it then I'd thrust
it real hard all the way in. I kept doing that and every time I went inside
him his cock would jump up in the air and that made us laugh. Then he
started jacking himself real slowly and I just kept doing that, alternating
those quick thrusts with a nice slow rhythm and feeling my load build up in
my nuts. And somehow I knew it was coming for him too so I just pounded
really hard and he shot all the way up to his face. Then I kept going.

"Should I cum inside you?" I said.

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